Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer Kicks My Booty! Subway Rawks OVER

I have been trying really hard to work on my weight here lately.  I’ve cut out sodas a LOT and for those days that I can’t live without it, I bought the mini cans of soda.   You know, for a fix.  Yes, I truly am addicted to soda and have withdrawals and need fixes.

So, I also have been doing Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer.  Now you would think that you can really do much for your entire body in that 10 minutes but GOOD GAWD, it kicks my butt!  I have this  great video of me working out to it but my windows movie maker apparently doesn’t like the how it’s formatted and won’t import it.  Arrrrgghhhh… I can show you my fat butt doing push ups and such.  Anyways, I love the workout and my body is sore everyday…still have not gotten through the soreness but I will…hopefully.

I’m also eating better.  Cutting out sugars, salts, and carbs….well, not completely cutting them out but trying to be smarter about it.  It’s all about baby steps for me.  Since we live a good ways from town, we always ending up eating in town.  Something I’ve been trying to do is pick smarter choices from the heart attack filled menus at fast food but what has been really great are those beautiful half white-half yellow words called, SUBWAY.  Man, these people did it right!  Delicious, healthy choices with options.  Since I rarely step outside the box to try something new, I always get the 6incher….Roast Beef, NO cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard on whole wheat.  Is it still healthy if you ask for extra roast beef?  Just curious………


So to celebrate my upcoming New Year’s Resolution (weight loss & being healthy), I have a giveaway!

There will be 2 winners.

1st place winner will win the Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer bundle..valued at well of $100.

2nd place winner will win a $15 Subway Gift Card!


Leave a comment telling me some ways that you try to stay healthy during the holidays AND what your favorite Subway sub is!

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Please leave each additional entry in separate comment.  Giveaway ends on Dec. 18th.


  1. 202

    Betty C says

    I try to avoid the extra goodies that everyone brings in to share during the holidays. My favorite Subway sandwich is the seafood.

  2. 203

    Jay F says

    I try to stay healthy in winter by excessively washing my hands. This has cut down on colds compared to previous years. My favorite Subway sub is the BMT.

  3. 204

    Amy Griffin says

    I try to stick to cookies and candies, because I am usually satisfied to have a small nibble of something sweet. I love the Chicken Terriyaki from Subway.

  4. 205

    Heather says

    I have sweets when I crave them but never in excess. My favorite is the Subwsy Club!

  5. 206

    George Casson says

    Fresh air, exercising and not worrying about anything. I like the Meatball subs the Best but there are a couple others that trail right behind the Meatball one for me.retirenaval(at)

  6. 207

    Leigh Nichols says

    We eat Subway!
    And expend alot of energy shopping, shopping, and more shopping….

    I like the Turkey subs best.

  7. 208

    Carla Spence says

    I run on the treadmill for a few extra minutes to help compensate for Holiday goodies. I love eating at Subway!!!! The veggie delight subs are great. I especially love how you get to pick exactly what you do or do not want on the sub. My fiance loves the grilled chicken sub.

  8. 209

    Veronica Garrett says

    I avoid overeating especially sweets. I use low-cal and natursl ingredients in cooking. I continue exercising even if only for a short time.

  9. 210

    Veronica Garrett says

    OOps… forgot the Subway. My favorite is the Tuna Sub.

  10. 211

    Holly Norris says

    I’ve always had luck with counting points with Weight Watchers. I allow myself the some extra goodies with my flex points during those holiday parties. My favorite sub would have to be the Subway Club loaded with veggies. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck with the weight loss.

  11. 212

    I know that there will be lots of temptations so I make sure I drink lots and lots of water. Not only keeps me full but also flushes out my system.

    Even though it’s not good for me I love the Spicy Italian at Subway.

  12. 213

    M.A. says

    I walk daily—and love Subway’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

  13. 214

    Chrysa says

    I try to eat a healthy meal before going to parties so I don’t eat a lot of fatty foods and sweets. My favorite sandwich at Subway is the veggie delight with extra cheese!

  14. 215

    Jennifer Schroeder says

    I try to stay healthy during the holidays by keeping all of the sweets out of my house. If they don’t come home with me, I won’t be tempted to eat them.

    I absolutely love Subway! One of my favorites is the Tuna sandwich!

  15. 216

    kerri r says

    I stay healthy by not dieting and walking on the nice days

    I like there turkey w/swiss cheese with lots of tomatoes and jalepenos

  16. 217

    Beverley Justice says

    I watch my diet, exercise, and get plenty of rest at night.

  17. 218

    Suanne Giddings says

    I stay healthy by pushing my chair away from the table before I sit there long enough to gorge myself and make myself miserable on all of the delicious food. My favorite sandwich at Subway is the Sliced black forest ham and tomatoes, cheese, black olives, and half mayo and half ranch dressing. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!

  18. 219

    Natalie Hill says

    During the holidays I try to stay healthy by walking every morning adfter droping my daughter of at school or if its the weekend take her with me. My fave sub is the 6in Veggie with xtra Banana Peppers, LOVE IT

  19. 220

    continue to work out and prepare healthy snacks

  20. 221

    Charlene Kuser says

    I eat alot of fruit during the holidays,staying away from cookies
    and candy.Try to eat more veggies and fruit.If I am full I will
    not give in so bad.I drink water instead of soda.I do some
    light floor excercises in the house,leg raises,squats,etc.
    My favorite Sub from Subway is Turkey Club on Wheat
    Thanks for the giveaway

  21. 222

    Marcy Strahan says

    I love the new Flat bread Steak & Bacon Melt!

    Ways I am trying to live healthier: no more butter!
    I am eating more oatmeal & also yougart.

  22. 223

    Helen says

    I do the treadmill for at least half an hour daily, then some weights for a bit and walk the dog for half an hour. I like the turkey sub.

  23. 224

    Michelle H. says

    I try to exercise when I have a chance, to drink water to stay hydrated, and to walk when the weather cooperates.

  24. 225

    Donna K says

    I try to drink alot of water.

  25. 226

    Heather C says

    I walk a lot, try to keep sweet stuff out of the house and drink water with every meal.

  26. 227

    Heather C says

    I walk a lot, try to keep sweet stuff out of the house and drink water with every meal.
    My fave sandwich is the meatball sub! Messy but good.