Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer Kicks My Booty! Subway Rawks OVER

I have been trying really hard to work on my weight here lately.  I’ve cut out sodas a LOT and for those days that I can’t live without it, I bought the mini cans of soda.   You know, for a fix.  Yes, I truly am addicted to soda and have withdrawals and need fixes.

So, I also have been doing Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer.  Now you would think that you can really do much for your entire body in that 10 minutes but GOOD GAWD, it kicks my butt!  I have this  great video of me working out to it but my windows movie maker apparently doesn’t like the how it’s formatted and won’t import it.  Arrrrgghhhh… I can show you my fat butt doing push ups and such.  Anyways, I love the workout and my body is sore everyday…still have not gotten through the soreness but I will…hopefully.

I’m also eating better.  Cutting out sugars, salts, and carbs….well, not completely cutting them out but trying to be smarter about it.  It’s all about baby steps for me.  Since we live a good ways from town, we always ending up eating in town.  Something I’ve been trying to do is pick smarter choices from the heart attack filled menus at fast food but what has been really great are those beautiful half white-half yellow words called, SUBWAY.  Man, these people did it right!  Delicious, healthy choices with options.  Since I rarely step outside the box to try something new, I always get the 6incher….Roast Beef, NO cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard on whole wheat.  Is it still healthy if you ask for extra roast beef?  Just curious………


So to celebrate my upcoming New Year’s Resolution (weight loss & being healthy), I have a giveaway!

There will be 2 winners.

1st place winner will win the Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer bundle..valued at well of $100.

2nd place winner will win a $15 Subway Gift Card!


Leave a comment telling me some ways that you try to stay healthy during the holidays AND what your favorite Subway sub is!

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Please leave each additional entry in separate comment.  Giveaway ends on Dec. 18th.


  1. says

    Well we love food at my house, and we try to eat better with whole grains, and always have lots of fruits and veggies. The best way we stay somewhat healthy is by portion control. If eating on smaller plates works, we do it! We do love subway too! Turkey, of course!

  2. sandy says

    controlling portions, making or not making fatty foods that are tempting and moving our butts…

    favorite is the turkey sub

  3. says

    My Favorite Sub is Ham and Provolone on Wheat. Darn now I am hungry lol

    I had a baby 18 months ago and this would so help! Every time I lose weight and get back in shape my husband goes and gets me pregnant. Thank god I am done with kids! Now I won’t get baby body again! :)

    Thanks for the chance!


    Toni-Lynns last blog post..Gardening Tips

  4. says

    Just wanted to say great job with the workouts! I’m trying to get myself to the gym but it’s just so tough sometimes–especially at the end of the work day. But you’re right it’s all about baby steps right? Keep up the good work!

  5. says

    OOOOOHHH!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tony Horton! I did his Power90 for awhile, but then it was gotten rid of on accident! :(

    I stay healthy by eating organics, running, sit up, and Tae Bo occasionally!

    My favorite subway sandwich is the cold cut meat trio with all my fave toppings on the cheesy bread… man I am soo hungry now! :)

    I would sooo love to win the Tony Horton pack! :D

    great giveaway!
    Miss Amanda

  6. mlswin says

    Only keep healthy food in the house. Do salads, vegetables and fish for meals. Stay away from the hams & turkeys.

    Favorite is Big Philly Cheesesteak as a treat occasionally

  7. Kimberly says

    I try to stay healthy by moderating – if I’m going to a party I eat less during the day, I don’t eat or drink too much at any one event, etc. I figure that’s the best I can do – there’s always January to undo the damage!
    I was recently introduced to the Subway meatball with extra meatballs – yum yum yum. New favorite.

  8. Rita Sheppard says

    We try to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains. During the holidays, I limit myself to one spoonful of the foods that I eat and a tiny sliver of dessert. I also drink lots of water. My favorite Subway sub is the meatball sub on wheat.

  9. Vicky H. says

    I try to follow the Okinawan 80%-full “rule” as a way to control my eating habits. Since I won’t have the space needed to do my usual workouts this holiday, I’ll have to depend on the 80% rule more than usual.

  10. randi says

    Well, other than walking the dog, I try to get on the bike for 40 minutes a couple times a week. I like a veggie sub with lettuce, tomsto, banana peepers, cucumbers, cheese, mayo & italian dressing,yum! Thanks

  11. randi says

    Well, other than walking the dog, I try to get on the bike for 40 minutes a couple times a week. I like a veggie sub with lettuce, tomsto, banana peppers, cucumbers, cheese, mayo & italian dressing,yum! Thanks

  12. Carol says

    Well, in two weeks we’re getting a treadmill delivered! That will be a huge step for us to get healthier and more active. I did not do as much baking this year, so the temptations are fewer. My favorite Subway sub is tuna salad that I have the guy put tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and a lot of vinegar on.

  13. Jamaise says

    I try to get out several times a week for walks in the woods with the kids & dog, even if the weather is bad. Also all the extra house cleaning at this time of year is bound to help. I don’t want to watch everything I eat during the holidays, so I forego the foods that aren’t a must, and control myself with foods that are.
    My favorite sub is the Subway Club on wheat, pepper jack, & everything.

  14. Rita M says

    I try to limit the treats (which are way too available this time of the year) and walk more often. My favorite is the Tuna Salad.

  15. Pam says

    I do yoga and pilates a few times a week to stay in shape and favorite subway sub is the seafood salad sub. Good luck with your new years resolution.

  16. pam says

    i do pilates and yoga a few times a week. My favorite sub is the seafood salad. Good luck with your new years resolution!

  17. marie says

    Love Subway! Favorite would be turkey I guess…or maybe the chicken salad or that Honey Ham one! Love Subway–did I say that?

    My idea on weight loss is portion control! Smaller servings and then not buying junk food for the family–otherwise I just eat it!

  18. Estelle says

    I cut back on soda and starting drinking more water to help me feel fuller so I don’t eat as much. I limit the amount of sweets I eat and at those big holiday family dinners I stand my ground when I say I’m full and I don’t let anyone lure me in with the “just one more piece” bit. My family tries to do that a lot.
    My favorite sub is the meatball one.

  19. says

    Well, I started on the Abs diet and then the holiday stuff started and that came to a halt. I will begin again after the first of the year.

    As for my fav subway sandwich, i am a plain jane, I like the turkey sub.

    Missys last blog post..Family Christmas Pics

  20. Kasey says

    I am trying to exercise more to compensate for the extra calories, and more water to counteract the alcohol.
    My favorite Subway is the Veggie Delight, no cheese, extra olives.

  21. Kay M. says

    During the holidays I eat off of a salad/dessert plate instead of the regular 8 inch plates. Smaller portions! and I try really hard not to go back for seconds unless it is for a healthy veggie! My favorite Subway Sub is the Veggie Delite!

  22. matthew meisenhelder says

    i try to watch what i eat, and always volunteer to help people cut their trees, its a great workout !

    my fave sub is a roasted chicken with bacon.

  23. Dave says

    Did martial arts a long time ago and just recently got back into it…since then everything else has started to fall in place as far as controlling my eating and drinking (where i gained the most weight). I plan on staying with this for a while and hopefully dropping the last 15 pounds that i’m working on to finally see my abs again :)
    Favorite subway sandwhich has to be the meatball…although i’m guessing I should start moving towards the veggie ;)

  24. Anne says

    I try my best not to over eat during the holidays and if I do have a cookie now and then, I try to eat just one! (although I find that darn near impossible sometimes) I also don’t have seconds of Christmas dinner!

    From Subway, I love turkey, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, on whole wheat, no mayo, no nothing on the bun!


  25. says

    I can get in shape by walking my dog every night and my favorite Subway sandwich is the ham and cheese on Italian. I love their food and they don’t have a lot of fat.

  26. Amanda says

    I love to ski! with all the snow we are having here in Wisconsin I can ski everyday. I love the cold cut sandwich.

  27. says

    Water, water, water. And more water. Eating foods high in protein keeps me from eating too many carbs. Chasing kids and taking the stairs. And I eat the same sandwhich as you except I keep the cheese and get extra pickles.

  28. christopher h says

    i try to eat smaller meals during the holiday season
    fave subway sandwich is the meatball

  29. says

    Hi, Lori! I try to stay healthier during the holidays by drinking more water and dancing a little bit around the house in addition to anything else I may be able to add in. It’s not much, but every little bit counts to me.

    My favorite sub, unfortunately, is not lowfat. It is the seafood.

    Shawnas last blog post..New Email

  30. Elizabeth says

    I try to work out and not eat too much junk food! My favorite Subway sub is turkey on whole wheat :-)

    Thanks for the contest!

  31. Rebecca Graham says

    I try to eat fruit instead of Christmas candy. My fav sub at Subway is a turkey sub with everything including hot peppers on toasted wheat bread!

  32. Marilyn Wons says

    I avoid snacking at parties during the holidays. I eat before attending. My favorite Subway item is the meatball subway loaded with everything!

  33. Laurie says

    I try to eat fruit instead of all of those sweets I should not be eating. I am trying to eat more salads. My favorite sub is the oven roasted chicken breast.

  34. Heather S says

    I am watching my carbs because I know when Christmas comes there will be tons of great sweets to eat. I am also trying to walk more. My favorite sub is the tuna with lots of oil and vinegar on it. Thanks!

  35. says

    I am 31 and had a partial hysterectomy the last day in August, quit smoking in October…I’m just trying not to hurt my husband when he complains about the health food I am starting to fix (he is a red meat & potato man). With everything else going on I’m just trying not to eat everything in site. That’s my regime right now.

  36. Jenn S. says

    I try and stay healthy during the holidays by trying to keep my eating habits in check. Everything in moderation. And by trying to get out and do something active at least once a day, whether it be chasing the kids around the park or enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Holiday mall crowd.

    My favorite Subway sandwich is the tuna on wheat with lettuce, tomato, american cheese, and a tiny bit of low fat mayo.

  37. David Bertolo says

    I am staying in shape during the Holidays by making love to my wife daily.

    My favorite is the Big Philly Cheese steak.

  38. says

    I try not to eat too many meatballs during the holidays . . . god, those are my favorite!

    My favorite Subway sub is 6″ turkey on WHITE, no cheese, lettuce, extra tomato, pickles, onion, honey mustard, light mayo, vinegar and pepper please!

    Carries last blog post..Appliance Therapy

  39. Kathy Scott says

    My office is upstairs. Every time I do the stairs, I go up one, down one, up two, down two, up three, down three and so on to the top.

  40. beth shepherd says

  41. Monique Rizzo says

    I try and keep cut up fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge to snack on while baking etc…
    My fave Sub is the 6 inch on White with Turkey and American Cheese!

  42. Erin Aldrich says

    I try to eat a light healthy snack and drink a full glass of water before attending a party. That way I can just nibble instead of eating to much.

  43. Cheryl W. says

    I try to not gain weight during the holidays by not having any desserts in the house. If they are here, I can’t stop myself from eating them. Also chips, a definite no-no. I just don’t buy them. I am walking on my treadmill again too. My favorite sandwich at Subway is their veggie delite, which works out well because it only has 299 calories if you get it with mustard. thanks!

  44. Sharon Harmon says

    One way I stay healthier during the holidays is by doubling the amount of exercise I usually do! My favorite sub at Subway is the Spicy Italian w/jalapenos!! Thank you for the contest!

  45. says

    I cut way back on calories in December, so I can splurge Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. I traded my regular soda for diet a few months ago and honestly can’t tell the difference. My favorite Subway sandwich is the Turkey Club-yum!

  46. says

  47. Jacob says

    Water, water, water. It makes you feel full all the time. Plus you don’t get all of the salt from sodas. I like the regular 6 inch turkey sandwich on wheat.

  48. Kate says

    I am trying to exercise more and avoid holiday cookies like the plague. The Italian sub is my favorite.

  49. Ann Muth says

    I try and eat soup for lunch leading up to the holidays. It is low cal and filling.I like the italian sub

  50. Carlos Garza says

    For the holidays, I only eat one plate of food and then I drink water to fill up.. Leave early. My favorite sub is the Meatball Marinara, not the healthiest of choices, but it sure does taste good.

  51. Sandy says

    I’ve commited to exercising at least 4 times a week this month. I’ve scheduled the time into my calender and am marking off my sessions as I complete them. The Tony Horten 10 Minute Trainer would make this easier!

  52. Michele says

    I try to think ahead about the day or week – so the dessert party tomorrow afternoon means no dessert tonight….

  53. Kristin K says

    I had back surgery in Aug. Since then, I have started using the treadmill everyday. I walk 1.5 miles, jog the next mile, and walk the next .5 mile to cool down. I am loving it. I was the ultimate lazy butt until just recently. I have cut back on most of the candy I used to buy during the holidays. My family just doesn’t need it. As far as Subway, I can honestly say, I have no favorite, as I have never eaten there. My daughter loves it tho!

  54. says

    I started a diet 9 weeks ago, to get a jump start on eliminating holiday weight gain. It’s working so far! I eat no sugars, no white flours, and limited sugar substitutes–very strict, and I NEVER thought I could do it. Lost over 10 pounds so far. I also try to get in some kind of workout, at least 15 minutes and up to 40 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. We eat Subway almost every Sunday after church. I get the foot-long chicken breast on wheat, toasted, with Monterey cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, Parmesan, and honey mustard. I only eat the 6″, and share the other 6″ with my 2 daughters. I get the foot long because it’s only $5. What a deal!

    Jen Beggss last blog post..March Brag Book

  55. Stacie says

    My favorite holiday stay fit tip is to cut down carbs, cut down sodas (I figure if I don’t have a soda then I can have a cookie lol) and walk, walk, walk. My favorite subway sandwich is the chicken bacon ranch on honey oat Yummm!!!

  56. Cindy Andrews says

    I try to stay more healthy during the holidays by eating more whole grains, protien shakes, fruits and vegetable, nuts and oatmeal. I also like going for walks at night to check out the christmas lights. Also my favorite sub is a ham and cheese on wheat.

  57. brittany says

    This is great! MY family makes a big sub sandwich every year during christmas instead of a bunch of cookies. if we had the subway card we wouldn’t have to do all the work!

  58. Belinda says

    Try to make sure that you exercise regularly during the holidays. My favorite sub is the Philly Cheesesteak.

  59. says

    Well, to be honest I haven’t done a very good job trying to eat healthy over the past year or more. I seem to have a lack of motivation/willpower. Maybe you will motivate me. My favorite sub is a simple one..I like the turkey breast and home with lettuce, tomato, onion, peppercini (however you spell that), vinegar, oil, and oregano.

    Julies last blog post..I’ve Been Tagged

  60. Tricia says

    Excercise and try to keep healthy foods in the house. Also, keep the cookies in the freezer. That way you can dole them out and will be less likely to sit down and binge.

    My favorite sub it the hot ones, such as chicken parm, steak, etc.

  61. Janelle says

    I was riding my exercise bike while I watched my recorded programs. However, I have not done so in the past few weeks and need to get going again,

    My favorite Subway sub is roast beef with mayo and lettuce.

  62. Pat says

    I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I’m doing zumba for exercise. My favorite Subway sub is chicken breast on wheat with tomato, spinach and banana peppers.

  63. djp says

    i;’m trying…i am….i’d choose the tuna over the roast beef…its hard but sometime we have to treat ourself to bad

  64. Cherie J says

    I try to work out at least 3 days a week to help keep in shape. I also try to drink lots of water so I won’t snack as much. I love the Prime Rib Sub and the Veggie. Thanks for the contest!

  65. Kyle Banderman says

    I stay healthy by eating vegetarian and my favorite sub is the veggie sub.

    Thanks for the contest!

  66. crystal says

    I found that for myself,if i drink tea throughout the day i am not as hungry and i do not get the munchies as often. My favorite is any flavored Green Tea especially Blueberry!!
    My favorite Subway sandwich is the veggie sub although i do have them put A1 sauce on it:)

  67. Catherine says

    I eat just like normal – I stay away from the extra goodies on sale.
    I also stay healthy by being in a good mood.
    My favorite Sub is the turkey breast on white.

  68. emily says

    turkey on oat bread is the best………….
    Want to stay healthy for my daughter My goal is to complete a 5k next year so I need some training help. right now I am a couch potato a lot

  69. Ken Robinson says

    My sister works out on her Pacer Trainer and loves Subway Tuna Subs. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  70. Jill Miller says

    I try to stay healthy during the holidays by eating well and getting lots of sleep to counteract all of the stress. My favorite Subway sandwich is turkey on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread.

  71. Emily N. says

    So I don’t feel deprived and then binge later, I allow myself to eat sweets but only a little bit of high quality ones.
    My favorite sub is the Subway Club.

  72. Janet F says

    I try to stay healthy by walking 6 days per week.

    I like the Subway Turkey sub.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. Gena says

    I always take the stairs. No matter where I am. I like the chicken club sandwich. Tony Horton is awesome. I had a friend that did P90X and it was great!

  74. denice p says

    i’m trying to keep the pound off by only eating one serving and not going back for delish seconds! bummer.
    and my favorite sub from subway is just a plain ol’ italian sub! lol thank you

  75. Ashley says

    I always try to plan my days as far as eating is concerned in that if I know that I’ll have a food-centric function at some point, I’ll limit my other daily portions around that.

    While it’s not the most virtuous sub on their menu, I have a soft spot for the Italian BMT.

  76. Ashley H. says

    During the holidays, I try to watch my calories and make sure that I don’t ignore the stationary bike. I also allow myself only one sweet treat after dinner. As far as Subway, everytime I go, I have to have a 6 inch Veggie Delight, it’s super yummy!! Thanks so much for the great contest. I ‘d love to win and I’m totally crossing my fingers.

  77. sarah says

    I park myself near the veggie tray at holiday parties so I can over eat on the good stuff so you know I love the Veggie Delight sub!

  78. stephanie paul says

    I have to seperate the snacks into bins for each kid or my son will eat everyones snacks up…he a growing 13 yr old boy but try to tell the baby anyway goodies are plentiful at this time of year so I divide them among the children leaving a small amount for myself and I can’t eat anymore than my share. I have 3 little people watching their snack bins for invaders.
    Subway is great I like their turkey subs loaded with cheese
    [email protected]

  79. says

    Don’t deprive yourself but don’t over indulge. I find if I allow myself to eat smaller amounts of the things I love I feel satsified and am less likely to go overboard than if I try to avoid the things all together! My fave subway is turkey.

    tonyas last blog post..I’m FREEZING

  80. joni chadwell says

    i make Holiday treats as low cal as possible by making substitutions w/ the ingredients like low or fat free margarine, sour cream, dressings,etc

  81. Terre Neesham says

    The way I stay fit during the holidays is to eat and try every tasty bit of food that anyone offers me or gives to me as a gift. But the trick is to only nibble, or take a little bit. I take the same amount of the good stuff as I do if I were going to eat something I know I will not like but have to eat it so I won’t be rude to my host. If you eat the same amount of the good stuff as you would the bad stuff you won’t over eat but you still get to have some and then you don’t feel like you are denying yourself. I eat everything I like but all in moderation. The only thing I may over eat would be salad. I can over eat at a big huge salad bar anytime. I love to go to a restaurant that has a huge salad bar. As far as my favorite sub that would be a roast beef sub with the cheese bread. Then I get all the toppings they offer even spinach but no jalapenos. Then I only get salt and pepper no dressing or sauce. All of the flavors from the olives, pickles, tomatoes, banana peppers, green peppers and onions make enough flavor with no need for dressing. I told you I love salad…hehe. Pick me, and thanks for having a great giveaway.

  82. Alecia Gibson says

    To stay healthy over the holidays, I eat in moderation and I make sure I write down everything that goes in my mouth to make me accountable. I also try to sneak in exercise even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes here and there.

    My favorite Subway sub is the Roasted Turkey Breast with cheese, light mayo and black olives. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll add lettuce (I’m not a big lettuce eater).

  83. Malaika says

    I have very little will power so I try to make it easy on myself and not have “snack food” in the house but lots of fruits and veggies. My favorite Subway is the Italian Sub, mmmm. I

  84. claudette flanigan says

    When I know I am going to a holiday party I get on my treadmill. It’s down in the laundry room of my home so I do a load of wash at the same time. When the load is done…so am I! :) My favorite Subway sandwich is the turkey with tomatoes, peppers, pickles and lettuce on honey wheat bread…LOVE IT! Oh, and I like it with oil and NOT mayo!

  85. Cathy Cook says

    Hi Lori. First off, I just have to say, I think you’re beautiful…a little over weight or not…and NO, I’m not trying to earn extra brownie points with that comment…LOL.

    Honestly, I never had to really watch my weight and I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted. That changed this past year while I was on chemo due to a breast cancer diagnoses this time last year. The steroids they put me on caused me to gain about 35 lbs and I’m having a heck of a time getting all that extra weight off. The doctors told me the chemo messed up my metabolism and pretty much made it come to a halt. But as of the past month, I have been able to lose about 7 lbs, so they think my system is starting to get back to normal…I sure hope so !! So over the holidays, I’m trying real hard to stay away from all of the “goodies”, and all the white stuff. I have to start some type of exercise program to help get my metabolism back to normal and I’m sure the Tony-Horton trainer would kick my butt too, but would also be just what I need.
    Thank you so very much for a wonderful giveaway and fun website !
    Hope you and your cowboy and boys have a lovely and merry Christmas !!
    tholix at pineland dot net

  86. Cathy Cook says

    oopppsss, I so forgot to tell you my favorite sub. As of now, I like the turkey on whole wheat w/o mayo, only mustard and lots of veggies and peppers with vinegar and no oil.
    I’m sure there might be something else I’d like better once I try another healthy sub.
    Thank you,

  87. Tonya says

    I try to do all of my wrapping downstairs so that I have to keep running up and down them to do various other things. And the veggie delight with onions, lettuce, pickles, spicy mustard, and jalepenos is my favorite sub.

  88. Christie says

    To stay healthy but happy during the holidays, I do eat the goodies but I eat only tiny amounts of them. My favorite Subway is turkey with just about every veggie they have available.

  89. Janna Johnson says

  90. Geralyn says

    I try to stay healthy by getting enough sleep, and walking if I can. My favorite sub is ham. with a hot cup of soup.

  91. Erma says

    I try to exercise which is hard at this time of year. My fav sub is tuna,yummy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. andrea v says

    Counting calories really works. Keep around 400 per meal with 100 cal snacks. I like the cold cut sub. thanks

  93. says

    I stay healthy during the holidays by exercising an hour a day and eating 5 light meals a day. My favorite Subway sandwich is the Italian BMT :)

  94. says

    I try to eat lots of veggies and maintain a healthy diet when I’m not at holiday parties or whatnot. (I said TRY!) I love the veggie subs at Subway – yum! When you have to do fast food, you can eat Subway and still eat healthy. I love them! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, we could all use some help with those new year’s resolutions!

    Beeb Ashcrofts last blog post..Shopping Trip – December 9th

  95. Susan Ledet says

    I am also addicted to sodas but have finally kicked the sugar colas completely. I switched from regular Coke to Zero Coke and I swear, after one week, I couldn’t tell the difference in taste. I tried a regular Coke the other day and it was actually to sweet for me. I’ve also lost 6 lbs. since making the switch. Yeah for Zero Coke.
    Over the holidays, I plan to drink more water and just have smaller portions. Easier said than done but I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs. in 6 months and am not going to gain it back.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  96. Suzanne Lewis says

    I continue to work out, even though it’s hard. The Spicy Italian is my fave sandwich.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  97. Paula says

    I am up at 3:30 a.m every morning (including Saturday & Sunday ), to clean a large restaurant. It takes me anywhere from 1 hour 45 mins to alittle over 2 hours depending on how busy they are that day :) I love Subway’s Ham and Cheese on Whole Wheat….

  98. Kimberly says

    I try to make sure that I get my walking miles in each week, although sometimes when its just freezing I tend to skip it. And I TRY to not eat so many of the holiday goodies (WAY easier said than done!).
    My favorite Subway sub is either turkey or ham piled high with veggies.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. olfairy says

    I like the roasted chicken sub. During the holidays I try to have a little of whatever I want, when I want it. Moderation.

  100. Hesper Fry says

    I love the oven roasted chicken on 6 inch wheat sub. During the holidays, I make a point to walk an hour day to help offset all those holiday calories I consume!

  101. Teresa Garner says

    I just lost 40 pounds because of my new dedication to eating more veggies and taking my dog (Stanley) for a one hour walk every morning. I feel great but still need to tone up. I love Subway’s vegetarian sandwich on wheat because it is healthy for you. A girl needs to her greens! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  102. Sara says

    I am trying to eat little spoonfuls of all my favorite stuff, so I am in portion control and not overeating this holiday. That way, I can taste everything I love so dearly without too many calories.

    My favorite Subway sandwich is turkey with provolone cheese, honey mustard and mayo. I like to add Frito Lay potato chips on it too. Boring, I know.

  103. michelle robbins says

    My holiday trick is bringing a dish to pass that is healthy. That way I know there is at least one thing I SHOULD eat. My fav. subway sandwich is bad for me, so I get a salad with a slice or two of pepperoni (for the bad in me) and a little provolone cheese – the rest veggies. And I’m not normally a salad person, by I like Subway’s.

  104. Dolores Olsen says

    My favorite subway sandwich is Ham and cheese with all the trimmings. I try to cut down on the amount I eat and drink lots of water

  105. Chantal says

    My favorite sub is… the Veggie Max patty. At least that’s what I think it’s called?

    I try to stay away from bread during the holidays and I walk a lot.

  106. DEBIJOT says

    I walk every day and run on the treadmill every other day. My favorite Subway sub is the all veggie sub. Thanks

  107. Bev says

    Drink plenty of water, and to realize when I’m full and stop eating.

    I love the oven roasted chicken breast.

  108. Amy G. says

    It’s tough trying to resist the goodies that the holidays bring, but I stay healthy by cutting down on the amount of goodies i eat, i also do a lot of walking. My favorite sub is turkey.

  109. Cynthia W says

    I walk once daily during the week and twice daily on the weekends. My favorite Subway sub is the Italian BMT.

  110. ashley b says

    I joined a local gym called planet fitness, only $10 a month, to try and stay healthy throughout the holiday season. My favorite sub is turkey, cheese, honey mustard, and salt and pepper. Not a menu item just something I like to throw together at subway :)

  111. Bonnie Day says

    I only allow myself 1 soda a day if any I love the chicken subs at subway and I am trying really hard to lower my carbs to much smaller portions but I love pasta and it is so hard to forgo that

  112. Gabriel says

    I try to get as much walking in as possible and then I work out at least 4 times a week. I also limit meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. My favorite subway sandwich is the chicken with sweet onion sauce, add all the veggies and no cheese.

  113. Kelley Pike says

    I try to stay away from the fattening foods during the holidays. Most people just let themselves go, I keep my body shape in mind during the holidays. Thank you for the great contest.

  114. Terri Lannan says

    I try to only eat the foods that I REALLY want…not put food on my plate just because it is there. And I take smaller portions of my favorites.

    My favorite sub is the Spicy Italian BUT I usually have the Subway Club to be a bit more healthy.

  115. jjean says

    I know I can’t resist the goodies present around the holidays, so I make myself a deal. I can eat a little of what I really like, but only if I am meeting my 5-7 a day of fruit and veg. Usually, when I am doing that I have little room in my tummy for filling up on sweets, so I eat a little and enjoy it. Of course, I also try to stay active, but active might mean chasing after nieces and nephews at holiday parties.

    My fave Subway sub has always been the Veggie Delight. Thanks!

  116. Sandra says

    I try to exercise indoors. I have a treadmill so that helps. Also when I go to my Moms for the holidays, I take some low calories snacks such as the mini bag fat free microwave popcorn. It helps keep me from munching on all the high fat goodies!

    At Subway, I love the ham on wheat with veggies and no sauce * no cheese.
    I would love to win! Thanks!

  117. michele anne jaquays says

    continuing to walk helps me and I try to eat health snacks instead of all the cakes and cookies.

  118. Amanda C says

    During the holidays I up my exercise and try to only indulge on one thing at a party. For the most part I stick to the rest of my normal eating.

    My favorite sub is the 6 inch Turkey with extra Banana peppers! YUM!

  119. Betty C says

    I try to avoid the extra goodies that everyone brings in to share during the holidays. My favorite Subway sandwich is the seafood.

  120. Jay F says

    I try to stay healthy in winter by excessively washing my hands. This has cut down on colds compared to previous years. My favorite Subway sub is the BMT.

  121. Amy Griffin says

    I try to stick to cookies and candies, because I am usually satisfied to have a small nibble of something sweet. I love the Chicken Terriyaki from Subway.

  122. George Casson says

    Fresh air, exercising and not worrying about anything. I like the Meatball subs the Best but there are a couple others that trail right behind the Meatball one for me.retirenaval(at)

  123. Leigh Nichols says

    We eat Subway!
    And expend alot of energy shopping, shopping, and more shopping….

    I like the Turkey subs best.

  124. Carla Spence says

    I run on the treadmill for a few extra minutes to help compensate for Holiday goodies. I love eating at Subway!!!! The veggie delight subs are great. I especially love how you get to pick exactly what you do or do not want on the sub. My fiance loves the grilled chicken sub.

  125. Veronica Garrett says

    I avoid overeating especially sweets. I use low-cal and natursl ingredients in cooking. I continue exercising even if only for a short time.

  126. Holly Norris says

    I’ve always had luck with counting points with Weight Watchers. I allow myself the some extra goodies with my flex points during those holiday parties. My favorite sub would have to be the Subway Club loaded with veggies. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck with the weight loss.

  127. says

    I know that there will be lots of temptations so I make sure I drink lots and lots of water. Not only keeps me full but also flushes out my system.

    Even though it’s not good for me I love the Spicy Italian at Subway.

  128. Chrysa says

    I try to eat a healthy meal before going to parties so I don’t eat a lot of fatty foods and sweets. My favorite sandwich at Subway is the veggie delight with extra cheese!

  129. Jennifer Schroeder says

    I try to stay healthy during the holidays by keeping all of the sweets out of my house. If they don’t come home with me, I won’t be tempted to eat them.

    I absolutely love Subway! One of my favorites is the Tuna sandwich!

  130. kerri r says

    I stay healthy by not dieting and walking on the nice days

    I like there turkey w/swiss cheese with lots of tomatoes and jalepenos

  131. Suanne Giddings says

    I stay healthy by pushing my chair away from the table before I sit there long enough to gorge myself and make myself miserable on all of the delicious food. My favorite sandwich at Subway is the Sliced black forest ham and tomatoes, cheese, black olives, and half mayo and half ranch dressing. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!

  132. Natalie Hill says

    During the holidays I try to stay healthy by walking every morning adfter droping my daughter of at school or if its the weekend take her with me. My fave sub is the 6in Veggie with xtra Banana Peppers, LOVE IT

  133. Charlene Kuser says

    I eat alot of fruit during the holidays,staying away from cookies
    and candy.Try to eat more veggies and fruit.If I am full I will
    not give in so bad.I drink water instead of soda.I do some
    light floor excercises in the house,leg raises,squats,etc.
    My favorite Sub from Subway is Turkey Club on Wheat
    Thanks for the giveaway

  134. Marcy Strahan says

    I love the new Flat bread Steak & Bacon Melt!

    Ways I am trying to live healthier: no more butter!
    I am eating more oatmeal & also yougart.

  135. Helen says

    I do the treadmill for at least half an hour daily, then some weights for a bit and walk the dog for half an hour. I like the turkey sub.

  136. Michelle H. says

    I try to exercise when I have a chance, to drink water to stay hydrated, and to walk when the weather cooperates.

  137. Heather C says

    I walk a lot, try to keep sweet stuff out of the house and drink water with every meal.
    My fave sandwich is the meatball sub! Messy but good.