Tools That Make Gardening Easier

I definitely have a ways to go before my yard looks anything like Cat’s yard.  She did an amazing job on hers!   I do more container type gardening and desperately needed some tools to use so I was thrilled to try out some of the Black & Decker gardening tools.  Me and Truett had a blast with them but he would not put the spray nozzle down for nothin’!  I got sprayed, Biscuit got sprayed, Dad got sprayed, and even the plant got sprayed.

blackand decker2

Because water is a sacred and scarce source here in Texas, our yard looks pretty terrible.   Oh, we can water and such but we try not to.  When we go months without rain, we savor every drop pretty much.  What I try to do, is buy a few containers and add flowers and plants to help spruce up the dull yard we have and that helps save on water too.  And to be perfectly honest, we can’t really afford to makeover a yard with flower gardens, lights, etc.  So, we just do what we can do.  That also means buying affordable tools that are durable.

blackand decker3

You might think this is silly but one of the things I LOVE about these Black & Decker gardening tools, is that they have girl colors, including purple, which makes me happy!


The spray nozzle I mentioned above was a big hit with us.  You see Truett’s thumb?  He simply had to push that up or down to make the water come out.  Push it down a little bit and it barely comes out. Push it all the way and it’s full blast.  It was super easy for him to handle and that’s saying something because most sprayers are such a pain in one way or another.   This nozzle had 8 patterns; shower, jet, vertical, flat, full, fan, cone, and mist.  There were no leaks and shutoff was a breeze.

blackand decker

The shovel was another favorite.  We used the hoe to dig up weeds and the shovel to turn up the dirt a bit.  Of course Truett had other plans as most 6yr olds would so we had a few battles over who was gonna use the shovel next.


Another super cool feature is the extending handles.  I absolutely love this feature!  You simply twist and extend.  These tools have nonslip grips, rust resistant, and have strong but lightweight steel construction.  Overall, I am thrilled with this particular brand of tools for the features, price, and durability.  You can get a 4pc set for $29 at Walmart.  What a great gift idea too for that gardener in your life!  Father’s Day perhaps?

What gardening tool do you use most?


Disclosure: I’m an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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