Top Toys, Including the Hottest BigFoot Toy in Action

Christmas is right around the corner and you’re freaking out about what to get..what are the coolest toys you ask?  Well I’ve rounded up some of the hottest, top toys of the season to make your shopping just a big easier!


Up first, is one of the hottest out there, BigFoot.  He’s big, he’s funny, and he is athletic!  My son absolutely loves him. The remote is in the shape of a footprint with very large buttons that have pictures on them of what BigFoot does.  That makes is super easy for the kids to use.  He’s geared towards kiddos in the ages of 3-6 and is full of personality!

WIN ONE!  Right now (and I’ll update this when it’s over), you can enter to win one of your very own over at the cool BigFoot facebook app!  And since it’s sold out at Walmart and selling out at other retailers, this may be your only chance to get one!  Fisher Price has some of the best toys don’t they? Anyways, pick your mood and background and publish to your FB wall to share with others.  It’s totally worth checking out, especially if you want a chance to win one!

Here’s a quick video of BigFoot in action. He does much more than we put in the video but it should give you an idea.


We all love Mickey right? Add a dancing Mickey to the mix and you’ll have little ones giggling and dancing right with him.  Geared towards 18mths – 6 years, he’s plush, happy, and has the moves!  He plays a different song for each move. He talks, walks, and of course dances.  He’s just the thing to make your child’s eyes light up!!


This spy net watch is super cool and geared towards some older kids (finally). It’s hard to find gifts for the older ones that aren’t just games. It’s not to see some creativity.  Here are just some of what it does. I’ve seen in this in action and it’s pretty dang cool. I highly recommend!!

  • Record and playback video, audio and photos
  • Secretly record up to 20 minutes of video
  • Secretly record over 4 hours of audio
  • Capture photo evidence – up to 2000 pics


Truett LOVES play-doh.  He can sit there for HOURS creating different things and this new factory place space, he’ll be there for days more than likely.  What I like about play-doh is how it brings out the creativity in a child’s brain.  And once they realize they can make something cool, they just keep imagining even cooler things to create and do their version of it.  I really really do love play-doh. It’s fun for the younger crowd yes but I know that me and my husband have set there forever playing and creating things with Truett and play-doh.

What are some of YOUR favorite toys this holiday season?? What will you buying the kids?

Disclosure: I am being compensated for my time and efforts to create this post. All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be. LEGIT y’all, LEGIT!

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