Truett’s Room

I already shared some of the projects I did for Truett’s room with the huge DIY Magnetic Chalkboard and today I’m sharing his room with some furniture pieces added.

The first thing I did was go through his room and toss everything that was broken.   Because I needed to maximize space, especially since he didn’t even have a dresser, I prowled for either a dresser or bed with drawers.   I could have bought one from Walmart I wanted to use the extra money towards something else for his room.  I got very lucky through some local facebook groups I happen to be in and saw a gal list a bed with headboard and drawers underneath.  She wanted $100 and it was brand new practically.  I bought that one but also sold Truett’s old bed through that same group on the same day for $50 so I was only out of pocket $50 bucks.  His old.

Since I had the magnetic chalkboard on the left side of his room, I decided to put the table and chairs on that side, along with the cube shelf and storage bins that go in the shelf.   We put were able to put all his chalk, colors, coloring books, play doh, etc in those shark bins.  This way, he could use the table & chalkboard with easy access to his supplies.

On the other side, we put most of his play toys and mats.   He’s been putting all his cars & trucks into the colorful toy bin organizer and has his car mats on the floor on that side too so that he can grab and play.  His wooden toy box is also right there handy with every toy he has inside.  We threw away and donated a bunch of them prior to room makeover.

I’m very happy with how it’s all turning out.  He’s got some great pieces in his room, lots of storage with organization, and fun areas of his room to play in.  I know lots of folks like to make up rooms with themes (and I used to be that way) but since Truett loves so many things, I just wanted it to be fun and colorful.  I still want to put some things on his wall and perhaps even paint them.  It seems a little dull in there due to wall color and I want to spruce it up some.

What are some ways you’d like to make over your child’s room?



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