Tryin’ to Catch Me Ridin’ Cozy

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, I had one, almost everyone had one over the years it seems.  They were so much fun and required leg work, which is always good for the heart.  Nothing against the battery powered ones or anything but it always seems like with something more simple like this little coupe, it requires you to use your imagination. Example: Truett has had a battery powered jeep.  Of course he thought it was cool because he felt like he was truly driving like we adults do but with the Cozy Coupe, he literally has been playing for over an hour, pretending to be the UPS man, stuck in the mud, and tying a rope to the back and dragging “pipe”.  Now that’s imagination and I love seeing his creative little mind work.

Here he is JUST getting to sit in it for the first time.

Here he’s like, “I’m out of gas Mom!”  LOL…oh man,  I was cracking up.

I think he was trying to look like his car!!! LOL  Too cute. He had so much fun with it.

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  1. Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? says

    I don’t want to be entered since Ian has one already, his is a police car just like Pop’s. I just wanted to say how much he loves his and it still has the floorboard in it because he hasn’t gotten the leg part down yet. He loves to take his blanket in it and eat his mornign snack and watch The Bernstein Bears.

  2. says

    My favorite was that car! We spent many hours playing with it. When we got older we would push it top of the driveway, get on top of it and ride down! Haha it is a wonder we are still alive with no broken bones!!!

  3. mickeyfan says

    My kids had one back in the early 80’s. They literally ran the wheels off of it (luckily, replacement parts are available). We passed it on to 2 sets of cousins, and eventually it died. I’d love to have one for the “grands”. Love their toys.

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  5. Kristi C says

    My favorite is the Little Tikes basketball goal. It has survived four different kids and still looks new.

  6. Monique Rizzo says

  7. Kasey says

    I don’t recall ever having any Little Tykes Toys. Just a swingset and bike. I had never heard of a Cozy Coupe until 5 years ago when my oldest was born. I must have been sheltered : ) We have one that my son just loves. Now we need one for my youngest son!

  8. Kelly Ann T. says

    I had the little Tykes School Bus toy with the little people that fit inside. I played with it for years.

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  10. randi says

    My kids had a Little Tikes picnic table that they played with for years! It was great & stood the test of time & lots of abuse! I’d love to have this for my granddaughter.

  11. Denise B. says

    I never had any “Little Tikes” toys when I was a child. I only had what fit in a toy box which was mostly games and dolls.

  12. Liz says

    I don’t remember having Little Tikes toys as a kid…..but my boys have had plenty already, and they tend to be the most durable toys of them all! They have a little picnic table that we use in the house for doing art projects/snacks/etc.

  13. Jennifer W. says

    When my eldest was little (she’s 18 now) she had the pink/white table and chair set. She would sit there for each meal and do all of her crafts at that table. She loved her little tikes table…and so did I!!

  14. Tawnda says

    my kids used to love this little guys predecessor… I’m glad that a whole nother generation is getting in on the fun!

  15. Jacob says

    I actually had the Cozy Coupe myself although mine did not have the eyes and look like a cartoon character which I would have enjoyed. The new version is very cool!!

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  17. Danielle Meek says

    I remember having a cozy coupe when I was little and I loved it. Now my oldest has one (he’s almost 4) and my little one (who’s 1 & 1/2) desperately wants one of his own!

  18. Stacy K says

    My son loves his little firetrucks. Love how their toys are so durable and no little parts to hide in noses or poke in baby sister’s eye ;)

  19. Susan says

    Since they didn’t make Little Tikes when I was young, I’d have to say my favorite is the Little Likes Island Adventure Water Table. We bought it for my 2 year old grandson last summer. He played with it every day. The poor guy was broken hearted when we had to put it away when the weather got cold.

    We got the water table out a couple of weeks ago and he was so happy. He’s back to playing in it every day again.This week it was a car wash so he could wash all his little toy cars.

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

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  21. Jill Myrick says

    My favorite Little Tikes toy was one of the first kitchen sets that came out.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


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  23. says

    Okay, I love Little Tikes! I used to LOVE their slide, but my little sis had a Cozy Coupe she adored! Oh the memories!!

    (I am a cowboy’s wife (only 3 years though!!) up here in MT! I’ve had a blast checking out your site! The life!! Yeehaw :) Thanks for your awesome blog!!)
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..happy super duper late birthday =-.

  24. Tanya K says

    I never had Little Tikes as a child! Does this mean I don’t qualify?

    I’d love to get the Deluxe Wooden Kitchen for myself now…erm, I mean, for my DAUGHTER. Yes. It’s for HER.

  25. Sherry E. says

    I honestly remember riding in a Cozy Coupe when I was a kid! I love it! I would say that it would be my favorite!

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  28. susan smoaks says

    i didn’t have any little tykes toys when i was a child either but i love the doll houses and kitchens!

  29. Trina C says

    My older son had the Police Cruiser and he absolutely loved it. He also had a ride on toy that they no longer make that he adored, he nicknamed him Toby, He was pale green with a hat. Would love a new Cozy Coupe for my youngest son.

  30. Jennifer M says

    I also remember the Cozy Coupe. I didn’t have one, but my friend/neighbor did and we’d spend hours riding in it.

  31. Chrysa says

    (p.s. I already entered, so this isn’t an entry, but I HAD to comment that I love the title of your post!)

  32. says

    Fave Little Tikes toy- well, when my girls were little there was one called the poppy penguin- not a toy so much as a portable toybox- that thing fit so much and you were always good to go- it was especially fabulous since each kid in turn (they are 3 and 4 years apart) almost always grabbed it when we went in the car so even when we had unexpected delays they had their fave things with them.

    I wrote to Little Tikes asking if they had any tucked back or would consider something like that again as we lost ours (well…… ahem we had it in a waiting room, and then it wasn’t there, but I digress) then didnt’t bother responding. *sighs*

    EVERYONE who saw it thought it was the cleverest thing ever since it was light enough and small enough and most importantly STURDY enough for the little ones to drag around yet roomy enough to hold quite a bit. I can’t even find it on Ebay but live in hope. ;-) Maybe you can put in a word? :D
    I really really want one for Ian . Oh, and the penguin was blue the tummy white and soft and it squeaked when the kids pushed it- and it lasted through all 4 girls – 25 years ago and we had it for 14 of those years- lost it when Dev was about 3.
    .-= dddiva´s last blog ..Summertime and the living is easy =-.