Valentine’s Day Posey Pops

These Valentine’s Day Posey Pops would make a perfect Valentine for the little girls!  With just $5 bucks, you can make several of these Valentine’s crafts.  You can give one to each little girl or make a whole bouquet for the teacher.  It takes no time at all and with all the beautiful themed papers out there, you could create an amazing flower using two different sheets of paper, creating petals.

Valentine's Day Posey Pops

Supplies Needed:

  • Solid or themed paper of your choice (I used scrapbook paper)
  • Dum-Dums
  • Hole Puncher
  • Glue Stick
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Container (optional)


  1. Fold paper and create half a heart.  I cut out one heart and traced it to make sure the other hearts matched in size.  I used 4 per flower.
  2. Stack hearts together and punch a hole towards bottom of heart.
  3. Around the hole, put just a little glue using you glue stick (or glue of choice). This will help keep the ‘petals’ in place.  Do this for every petal you place on.
  4. Take your dum-dum suckers and place through holes, creating the center of your flower.
  5. This is optional but I tied a green ribbon underneath on the ‘stem’ to secure position. Plus, it gives the ‘leaves’ look.
  6. You can write on them if giving as a single Valentine or you can create a bouquet like I did. I filled the cup with candy hearts and stuck the flowers in it.

Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower3 Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower1 Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower2 Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower4

Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower5 Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower6 Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower7 Valentine's Dum-Dum Flower9

Valentine's Dum-Dum Flowerb

Cute huh!!  I love Valentine’s Day, even though my husband says it’s a holiday women made up. teehee

What are your favorite Valentine’s Crafts?  If you need ideas, check out these!

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