{Video Tutorial} How to Make Flour Tortillas

I have a recipe for handmade flour tortillas but I’m asked on many occasions if I could make a video to show how I do it.  Sometimes seeing the procedure in action will help someone “get it” more than photos can.  Enjoy!

Do you make tortillas from scratch? And if so, how often?

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    Oh my gosh. This is something I have been wanting to learn to do! I love to make bread and have made homemade baguette, bagels, rolls, pita (just this week), biscuits, but never tortillas!! I just made pita bread for the first time this week and this is oddly similar. Thank you so much for posting this! It doesn’t seem as scary as I originally thought.
    By the way, I am amazed at you folks who don’t measure things! I’m VERY impressed! =)

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      That’s exactly why I wanted to post it!! People were emailing me over the years saying it seems so hard but it’s really not. And I made 30 tortillas with that batch. I think you can buy something like 12 for a $1 right?

  2. says

    Oh my goodness you didn’t measure a darned thing. :)

    That looks really easy. We don’t use tortilla’s that often but I think next time I do a fajita night I may have to try making these. Can you do it in a frying pan on the stove? I don’t own an electric griddle thingamajig.

  3. says

    Lori I made this recipe on Sunday with our Slow Cooker Pozole. The tortilla recipe was really easy to follow and they tasted wonderful. I am hoping to post about them soon. Thank you for the video. I cant roll them out for the life of me. Maybe now I can get better after see how you did it. Merry Christmas.

  4. Lori A. says

    I tried making tortillas once a long time ago and it was a disaster. It really does help to see it on video! You’ve encouraged me to try again. :)

  5. says

    I made these tonight and they turned out perfect. It took me a bit to figure out how thin to roll them out but I figured it out. THANK YOU for posting this. It made it soooo much easier!!!! :D

  6. Urhuemu says

    hi,im a nigerian mum trying to introduce new recipes into my family’s diet, i saw ur article on how to make old fasioned waffles on mywoodenspoon.com and i think it is great, i havent tried it yet but i would really appreciate if u could post a video of it. thanks