Vintage Days, Vintage Looks

My husband and son were meant to live back in the olden days.  Not this gal tho, no sir-ree!  I just assume to live in the day of the iphone and airplanes.

Anyways, don’t cowboys and their gear just look better vintage style?  It’s like it takes you back to those John Wayne days, the days where people worked hard and had values.  When things meant something, not that they don’t know but it was a different day back then.  You had more appreciation for the little things.

So I was looking at some photos and turned a million of them into the vintage look because I think it’s a natural cowboy look.  The one of my son is my fave of course. Everytime I look at him, I just can’t believe he’s growing up so fast…..just a couple more years and he’ll be on his own:(

*Sigh*  I guess I’m a little sappy tonight.  I blame that on the movie Kramer vs. Kramer I watched tonight.

Do you have a favorite look that you give your photos?

Vintage Cowboy

saddle horn vintage style

Vintage saddle

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  1. Yvonne Butler says

    Love the photos. We are all into the coyboy look. My grandson (13) is president of the Alabama Jr. High Wrangler Association. He will be on the AL Rodeo Team going to Gallup, NM June 28th – July 4th to compete in the 5th Annual Wrangler Junior High Finals Rodeo. There will be over 1000 kids from 47 states, Canada and Australia competing in the worlds largest junior high rodeo. There will be over $75,000 in prizes and over $50,000 in scholarships and the chance to be named WJHFR National Champion.

    The Saturday championship purformances will be televised as a part of the “20X Rodeo High” telecast series. Online at hhtp:// you can get schedules and follow your local favorites daily for complete results. I am sure many of your readers have kids from their states participating and would be intrested in watching.

    Although I am fairly new to this site, I have enjoyed your articles and photos since subscribing.

    Hope everyone has a great summer!

  2. Streaming christmas music says

    I’m a big fan of vintage makeup–the flawless foundation, the eyeliner and mascara, the bronzer, and the nude lips–but how do you pull it off these days?

    Google Anna Karina. I absolutely love her style and want to recreate it without looking like I’m going to a 60s themes party.

  3. says

    I love your cowboy pictures… sepia and black/white are my favorite, too! I have several on my blog that have the “authenic cowboy” look to them ~ my favorite is the picture of my son on his horse at the top of my blog. (

    One of my favorite quotes is:
    “When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!” ~Ted Grant

    I love to read your blogs and see your pictures…keep up the good work!