Virtual River Rafting with Kinect Adventures and Truett

I’m determined to “Get Moving” more in 2011 so as part of my Fresh Start goals, I’m playing more active games with my son.  You’ve all heard the buzz about the new Kinect for Xbox 360 but have you played it?  It is soooooooo awesome!

First off, the Kinect sensor works really well.  It tracks every body move perfectly and I love how the bigger space you have, the more that can play. It automatically recognizes the players. So if you step out a little bit, it lets you know to get back in to position. If you completely leave the area, it removes you from the game but if you want to jump back in, the Kinect sensor recognizes you and puts you back in.  In the video you’ll see that size doesn’t matter, even when playing side by side. It was able to distinguish Truett and me separately with no problems.  It’s so stinkin’ cool!

We got the Kinect Adventures game because that’s what came with the Xbox 360 system and so far, our favorites include the river rafting, the space bubbles, and the leaking one..I can’t think of the name! lol  It’s been a blast and even more fun being able to play something like this with my son (who is 4), who has no trouble figuring it out at all.  I can’t wait to get some more games for it, including the Your Shape, Biggest Loser, Zumba, and some other dancing ones!  Can you imagine game night with this??!!  It really does get you moving and is just a fun, clean way to spend time with family & friends.  A MUST HAVE for every home!

Enjoy the video!

Do you have the Kinect yet? Is it something that you’re considering on getting?

Disclosure: If you don’t already know, Walmart provided me (along with a few other Walmart Moms) with the Xbox 360 Kinect for my Fresh Start 2011 Getting Fit Goals, however, this post is not compensated. I just wanted to show y’all me and my son playing on it…cause it’s fun and awesome.

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, that was hilarious! You guys look like Kaydee and I do when we play except she hops all over the place, like constantly hopping. I think she just likes to see the raft jump.

    I think the game is fun but the jumping is rough on my knees.

    Tip – Instead of leaning, try shuffling your feet to the left and right, it steers the raft a bit better and you can make sharper movements.

  2. Nicole says

    I have dance central. It is sooooo fun and makes you sweaty. I just got zumba and it seems more of a workout but not a fun as the dance central.

    My aunt and friend come over once a week now to play dance central and zumba. After 1 1/2 hrs we are sooo weaty so I know it’s working. lol