Walmart’s First Black Friday Sneak Peek!

Are you ready for the scoop on some Black Friday deals that will be happening this Saturday, Nov. 8th???? Well, I totally have it for ya since I’m one of the Eleven Moms and all:)  You can see the Walmart specials for this weekend now.

You can go there and locate your closes store and be ready because the madness begins!
Hot items like this will be at your Walmart Store and you don’t want to miss out.

Compaq laptop with 2g RAM and 160 GB for $298! WOOT!


Sony PS3 with 80G of storage and $100 Gift Card!!

Check out more of what’s going to be on sale for the beginning shopping days of the Black Friday Sales!

You can go ahead and shop early with Walmart’scurrent online specials!

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