Weight Watchers

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Weight Watchers. Hearing other folk’s success stories and how easy the point weight watcherssystem is just inspires me even more. What really did it for me though is one little question I had turned out what seemed like gazillions of replies. Replies of support, encouragement, and motivation. Everyone is so dang helpful and positive. It’s a great feeling to see that and then be part of it.

I’ve been using Weight Watchers now for 6 days now.  It’s by the far the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  Even on the two days I thought we’re gonna be bad, I still remained within my daily points.

I’ve purchased the calculator, big mug, and the 2010 starter kit to get me going but you don’t need to buy any of it. You can get by without, I just knew that I was serious and wanted to have the tools with me at all times.

Now I’m off to eat some breakfast.  A good breakfast that I can enjoy and be guilt free about thanks to Weight Watchers.  I hope you guys are enjoying the same kind of breakfast………

You can do this, we can do this.

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