We got a new horse and Tyler’s havin’ fun ridin’ him.   He was a little fresh the first day but we think he was a little spoiled is all.  He pitched a little on his first ride but nothing bad at all, definitely nothing Tyler couldn’t handle.  For photo purposes, I was hoping for a more bronc-y ride but oh well. Maybe the next colt he rides will fuss a little so I can get a real good photo.

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  1. says

    Those are great pics!! My 15 yr old daughter would have loved to have grow up on a horse ranch. She has been in love with horses for along time now. She got to work last year at a stable cleaning out stalls, etc. and did a little riding. It was such a long drive to get there so we had to quit going. She misses the horses! I am hoping somehow we can get her back into it again. Love your website, by the way!

  2. Anya Gotte says

    Beautiful animal and the little hops just let you know he’s got some heart and a little spunk two great traits in a working horse. I sooooo need to get back in the saddle (springtime and beutiful weather always makes me want to ride).

  3. chrystal says

    Nice looking horse! I had a buckskin named Whiskey back in my junior high and high school days. He was 16.5 hands tall, don’t think I could get on something that big now! LOL