Me and my boys are having a blast with our Wii.  My mom got my son Wii Sports Resort for his birthday and we a lot of fun with it. Have you played it?  We crack up at each other when doing the canoeing and the bicycles!  OMG..I’m almost laughing just thinking about it. The way our arms are moving and flapping…it’s hilarious.  And boy does it work those arms. Good lord I thought they were gonna fall off after playing a while!  I’d love to know what some of your favorite games are.   I’m such a gamer and would love to connect with all you have a love for the Wii!

Did you know that there’s a National Summer 2010 Wii Games event?  It’s in New Jersey so I won’t be attending but I’d love to see it in action!  You can find some events though at Six Flags and malls, etc so you should totally check to see if one is being held near you. Of course nothing is near me but that’s how ranch life is I reckon.  Anyways, these are for people of ALL AGES and some will get to go the Championship in Los Angeles. Now THAT, I’d like to see!

Check out this cute video of Mario and Shawn Johnson, who is not only cute as a bug, she’s also the ambassador for the competition.  Her and Mario working out……


And just for kicks, I have a a pair of autographed Shawn Johnson pajamas for you AND an Ultimate I SPY Wii game to give away!


Leave a comment telling me your favorite Wii Sport Game? I personally love Golf!

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Ends on July 14! Good luck y’all!
P.S. This is not a sponsored giveaway.

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  1. says

    I like all the sports but I guess bowling would be my game of choice. What I really love is that the kids and I can laugh and laugh together. Definitely creates wonderful family memories. :)

  2. says

    We’re definitely fans of tennis at our house, but bowling is a close second. My four year old is an expert bowler, too. She whoops my but every time!

  3. Jennifer says

    We love the Wii hunting games! My boys love to be in the outdoors and since they aren’t old enough to hunt yet, this is the next best thing! They feel like they are part of the action. And it’s teaching them how to be the best little hunters. They will be ready when it’s their time to be part of the real action!

  4. Sunnie says

    I dont have a WII yet, but I really want one! I grew up playing original Nintendo, an we have a DS now, buI still want the WII. I would like to try the exercise program, and of course any Mario Bros. games.
    Long Live Cowboys!

  5. Ken D. says

    OMG my little guy loves the bowling…i think he loves it for the fact that it is a more personal challenge compared to most games!!

  6. says

    We love Wii at our house. So much so that we have a Wii system in the family room and another one upstairs! I think it’s an excellent way for everyone (especially our grandchildren) to stimulate their minds while moving their bodies. We have bowling tournaments with all our family and friends.
    I’ve been thinking about buying the Sports Resort game. Thanks for the recommendation Lori! I definitely will now.

  7. Kim Deal says

    I love baseball, I love playing it with my five and seven year old boys! It gets us all moving!

  8. Jami says

    I have the Wii Fit Plus and love it!!! Have lost 39 lbs. and still going! It’s not even like exercising it’s so much fun. I’d love to try the Sport Resort!

  9. says

    My mom bought me Wii fit (at my request), for my birthday 1.5 years ago. I’ve never used it, because I’ve heard it tells you you are fat. I already know I’m fat, why rub it in?