Wild West Cowgirl Funky Chunky Jewelry

EDITED:  If you buy something from them and you tell her that A Cowboy’s Wife sent ya, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING:)

You had to know that I couldn’t go to Austin this weekend without wearing some cowgirl chunky jewelry right?  Boy did i find someone who’s got some cute stuff and some of it with a uniqueness to it.  Meet the ebay seller, Wild West Cowgirl Jewelry.  Not only does she have funky jewelry for the ladies, she’s got a few things for the fellas as well!

Wanna see what I bought to wear with my new black cowgirl T-shirt with a beautiful cross on it?? THIS RED HOT beauty!

Cowgirl chunky jewelry

Hot right? heheeehehehe I’m hoping to make it hotter with myself in it! HA! If you haven’t noticed, there is a difference between this piece and other chunky cowgirl jewelry and that’s the coloring on the pendant piece. LOVE this and it really makes it stand out from some of the others. She provides ones with coloring and without so that everyone can find a piece they love. Here are a couple of my faves but check out her other items! OH, and her prices aren’t too shabby either!

Cowgirl Up Turquoise Necklace $55
Chunky Turquoise Jewelry

Cowgirl Tuff $65
Cowgirl Funky Jewerly

Feel free to buy me something if you want….my birthday is this month after all! ;)  *giggle*

P.S. All photos are that of owner of the Wild West Cowgirl Jewerly.

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  1. 1

    Melissa says

    Ooh, I love chunky cowgirl jewelry and I especially like the maple one…

    And you know what, my birthday is this month also. Maybe I should send this link to my husband.

  2. 2

    Cindy says

    Oh my gosh! I absolutely luv the red one! I bet they look even better on. :)

  3. 3

    Katja says

    I can’t wait to see you wearing your new necklace in SXSW in Austin :)

  4. 4

    ciara says

    ooo that’s some great jewelry…don’t forgot to take pics of you wearing it :)

    ciaras last blog post..Twelve Years…My How Time Flies.

  5. 5

    That is really, really cute! The only thing that would be cuter is your friend beside you wearing one of those with you trying to act like a cowgirl too :-) The Cowgirl Tuff one is really HAWT!!

  6. 6

    The red is so beautiful. Will match to any type of dress. This is a perfect gift for Christmas.

  7. 7

    Precious says

    I like the second necklace and how I wish someday that I could wear it in some occasion. I hope to wear a cowgirl look someday in one of the general meeting in the company.