Win a Merry Madagascar Prize Pack Y’all!

For this holiday season, Walmart and Dreamworks worked together to create  a special family movie, Merry Madagascar, Merry-Madagascar-DVDstarring all of your favorite characters from the first two Madagascar movies, as well as a line of licensed characters, pajamas, snacks and more!

Truett thinks these characters are hilarious and I had so much fun watching him laugh!  Right now, Walmart stores will have the Merry Madagascar DVDs on rollback for $4 starting Saturday 12/19.  You can get it online at Walmart for $5 right now though, with free shipping to your home.

One lucky reader will win a Merry Madagascar prize pack below, including:

  • 3 Plush toys (Penguin, Lion, Zebra)
  • Merry Madagascar Throw
  • Items from Kellogg’s and Kraft
  • $25 Gift Card to use on the DVD, Snacks, and/or Pajamas
  • Merry Madagascar Recipes

Merry Madagascar Giveaway

To enter, share with me in the comments below you or your child’s favorite family movie.  I’d love to hear them!  We love The Fox and the Hound.  It’s one of our absolute favorites that me and my husband enjoyed at a younger age and now my kids enjoy.

Additional entry methods, leaving each one in a separate comment please are:

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Giveaway ends on December 22nd at 1pm CST.  Giveaway rules.

*Walmart and Dreamworks provided me with a similar prize pack as part of the 11Moms program.


  1. Tari Lawson says

    My oldest son could never get enough of Disney’s Lion King. My younger son really doesn’t have a favorite.

  2. Catherine L. says

    Niece loves The Aristocats, and I must say after watching it over a 100 times it’s become one of my favorites.

  3. Christine says

  4. Shawna OBrien says

  5. Shawna OBrien says

  6. Shawna OBrien says

  7. Shawna OBrien says

  8. Velvet Hubler says

    I recorded merry madagascar on dvr for them and this hasnt stopped playing so i would say it is between merry madagascar and The nightmare before christmas

  9. Paula S says

    My daughter loves the Nightmare before Christmas. It is kind of creepy to me but she loves to watch it.

  10. Angela W. says

    Our favorite family movie is Mulan. I have two little girls and they LOVE anything Princess. My three year old says Mulan is “very beautiful.” :)

  11. Angela W. says

  12. Anne Taylor says

  13. Anne Taylor says

  14. Anne Taylor says

  15. Anne Taylor says

  16. Jill Myrick says

    My childrens favorite movie right now is Santa Buddies.
    They want to watch it two and three times a day.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  17. deb c says

    It would have to be Sleeping Beauty. We’ve seen it 47 times, it’s no longer mine ,but, it still is hers.

  18. Sharon Harmon says

    Our favorite family movie is “Finding Nemo”! It has the best graphics I’ve ever seen in an animated movie!

  19. Stephanie N says

    Right now, any of the Santa Clause movies are their favourites. They also love the Ice Age movies.

  20. Dave says

    My little nephew adores Winnie the Pooh. He is absolutely captivated when Pooh is on the tv, and laughs hysterically when something funny happens to Piglet. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays.

  21. Angela C says

    My kids favorite movies are Cars and “Move It, Move It”, which would be Madagascar! LOL!

  22. Marcia Goss says

  23. Marcia Goss says

  24. Michele says

    Thank you for the giveaway. My children’s favorite holiday movies are Shrek the halls, frosty the snowman, rudolph…anything that comes on!

  25. Cindy Merrill says

    If your kids haven’t seen the Muppets Christmas Carol, RENT IT!!!
    The music is great and the theme is timeless.

  26. Renee G says

    We love Beauty and the Beast the Best. I think it’s because the music is so great.


  27. cwaltz says

  28. Jennifer H says

    My son is only 1 & 1/2 so he’s ALL about Elmo. Any Elmo dvd or Sesame Street movie is perfect!

  29. katiea says

    My son’s favorite movie of all time is The Incredibles (or it will be if I have anything to say about it… he’s not quite a month old yet). Thanks for this contest, we (I) love animated movies!

  30. Suzanne Denys says

    Honestly both my son and daughter love Madagascar and even watch the tv show. I’d say their 2nd favorite is probably Monsters Inc though.

  31. Kelly Ann T. says

    Alison loves the 101 Dalmations and Lady and the Tramp. See a pattern here?!! Anything with dogs.

  32. Heidi B. says

    My daughter and I absolutely love watching Annie….the classic oldie!!! She loves watching the entire thing……all 2 hours+ of it and never wants to fast forward the long, outdrawn parts (like the movie night scene which takes forever!!). And she loves to dance to it also. I enjoy watching her enjoy this movie and it being a classic that I grew up watching is just amazing. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one!!!

  33. Erin says

    Night At The Museum is the new favorite movie in our house. The kids have been waiting for Night At The Museum 2 to become available on Netflix. Maybe it will arrive this week.

  34. Happi Shopr says

    we love Lion King, Labrynth, Willow and Madagascar – the penguins (pronounced pengins in our house, lol) are the cutest!

  35. Jammie says

    This is hard we as a family love them all. I think I will have to say Cars, is one of our favorites. I love the message it tells children.

  36. Ken Michelson says

    My son’s favorite movie changes whenever he watches a new one. Recently my parents took him to see “Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs”, and he loved it. We bought him a related book at the store and he made me read it three times one evening.

  37. karen pepin says

  38. Jodie says

  39. Jodie says

  40. Julie D says

    Right now my son loves Shrek, but only the first one, not 2 or 3. It is great to hear him laugh at it.

  41. kay wolter says

    I do not do google or the others but I talk We love so many We just do one and then put it in the back and take the next one and keep going…..

  42. Tatum V says

    A Christmas Story is a fav. with us and now the kids. The littlest one is really into it yet but I think he will be..

  43. Rachel Newman says

    I always loved the Natalie Wood version of Miracle on 34th Street and how it encouraged all of us to believe in the Christmas spirit (and Santa, of course).

  44. Yvonne Butler says

    All time favorite of my grandkids is Black Beauty. Any horse or animal story. Thanks for the entry

  45. says

    My daughter’s favorite movie is The Little Mermaid. I took ehr to see The Princess and the Frog and it might be her new favorite.

  46. Marc Hollin says

    My favorite family movie would be Cars. Although we’re fans of just about every Disney & Dreamworks film out there. Would love to win this prize package. Thanks! :)

  47. Justine says

    My son’s fave movie of the moment is ‘UP!’, he is so in love with that movie, I had to get it for xmas and he was very specific about which one to get! He would also love to get this one, how awesome we love Madagascar! :D

  48. latisha depoortere says

  49. latisha depoortere says

  50. Renee Richardson says

    We really love the Princess Diaries. Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays :)

  51. Rosey says

    I like the Lion King. My toddler likes the Wonder Pets Christmas Special. My tween thinks the Sound of Music is the best movie ever made, hands down.

  52. says

    My daughter’s favorite movie is Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, she watches all year round, and we have it completely memorized!

  53. Kellie Conklin says

    I love to watch the Polar Express with the kids I watch (pretty darn close to being my own kids). It is a movie we all love and can watch over and over! thanks for the giveaway

  54. Jane Hoh says

    My children both adored anything Winnie The Pooh. We watched them for hours. That was quickly followed by Peter Pan. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  55. Betty Curran says

    Of all the older films I’ve always loved Lady and the Tramp but Shrek is my favorite of the newer movies.