Windmill, Turbines, and Water Troughs

Checking waters are a normal chore on a ranch.  Don’t got water, the cows can’t drink it right?  Sometimes they don’t need fixin’ but they need cleaning and with the kind of water troughs you see below, it makes it super easy to clean.  They have a drain that gets almost all the water but then you have to scrape the mossy scum on the sides.

Anyways, I did think it was interesting to see an older windmill and turbines in the same picture……………

water troughs

Wind Turbines

Windmills and Turbines

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  1. says

    Those are great photos. Don’t the cattle step into those low troughs? We use a plastic tub waterer for the horses and they’re not above sticking their feet in (it’s knee high) to break ice or just cause a problem.

    I love the mix of windmills and the cow trough.

    Now, to get rid of the scum and dirt that accumulates. I turn mine over and use a toilet brush. You’ve got a better solution.