Winter Holiday Fun from White Trash Mom – Gingerbread Double Wide

This guest post is from a dear friend of mine, Michelle aka White Trash Mom!  She’s one of the most funniest, real people ever and I love her.  If you haven’t read The White Trash Mom Handbook: Embrace Your Inner Trailerpark, Forget Perfection, Resist Assimilation into the PTA, Stay Sane, and Keep Your Sense of Humor, you need to.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Blogher this summer and she was a ton of fun.  So buy her book and make her recipe, which is from the book by the way!

Cooking with the White Trash Mom

The best part about these recipes is that they are EASY to make.  If a recipe is hard, I could not do it. I am that bad of a cook. These recipes will bring you tons of fun and enjoyment and are a great addition at any gathering.

Winter Holiday Fun-Gingerbread Double Wide
Think of it—a double wide that you can eat!


  • 1 box of graham crackers
  • 1 can vanilla frosting
  • 10 sugar cubes
  • Sprinkle of sugar


Break a graham cracker in two.  Spread frosting out on a plate, sprinkle with sugar.  Stick 4 sugar cubes in the frosting where the graham crackers can stand on them.  Frost tops of the cubes. Frost the cracker edges and stick lengthwise on top of the frosted sugar cubes, joining the cubes, like glue at the frosted edges.  Let it set for at least 30 minutes.  Frost the top of a second graham cracker, sprinkle with sugar. “Glue” it down to the top of the cracker trailer with a glob of frosting.
Your double wide is complete and ready to eat!

Recipe courtesy of the ‘White Trash Handbook

Here are some WT recipes to liven up your dessert table! One of the staples of WT cooking is the Hostess Twinkie. You can find variations of my Twinkie recipes via the wonderful Hostess website.

JOY JOY FUN, a live view of this fun double  wide!

Here are some photos from White Trash Mom…….Ummmmm, guuuurrrrl you need to let that camera focus before you snap!..LOL

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