Winter Solutions – DIY Emergency Winter Car Kit

Getting stuck in the snow is one of those things you probably don’t think will happen, until it does.  When we lived in New Mexico, I JUST HAD TO GO to town (as my husband likes to remind me).  It wasn’t wintery but nothing major.  On my way home, I slid off into the bar-ditch and got stuck in what looked like a blizzard.  I don’t know where it came from but I was stuck as stuck could get be.   When I called my husband to rescue me and the kids, he got stuck.  Luckily me and the kids were rescued by a friend of ours and taken to a warm home. My husband on the other hand, had to spend the night in his truck.   It was horrible.  The only thing he had going for him was the fact that the truck was a diesel.  He had nothing else though.  I guess you just never know what can happen.

Emergency Winter Car Kit

If you live in an area that expects any kind of snow, I highly recommend you keep an emergency winter car kit in your rig.  You can buy some key items for low cost that will keep you safe and warm for several hours until helps arrive.  Some emergency items to include are:

  • Blankets– We keep a zip-n-go blanket, as well as, a package of emergency blankets found in the camping section.
  • Water– I recommend at least 4 or 5 bottles of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Snacks– Protein bars are a great snack to have.  They provide you with some of the essentials your body needs and are filling.
  • Emergency candle– A candle will be useful for warmth.  Just be safe with it and don’t buy a regular candle. You need to buy one specific for emergencies. It burns differently.
  • Matches– Obviously you need a way to light the candle.  They may come in handy in other ways too.
  • Warmers– I LOVE the hand and toe warmers found in the hunting section.  We always use these during the cold playoff games.
  • Flashlight– Great when you need light!
  • Ice Scraper– Will need at some point to see out your window! (I bought this for a $1 at walmart!)
  • Kitty Litter– This is super handy for those smaller stuck moments.  You pour some around your tires to help with traction.
  • Hammer– If your situation is more serious and you fall down into a drawl, you may need a hammer to break a window out.  I promise you won’t be able to open the doors if the snow drifts against the doors.

emergency items for winter



Emergency Winter Car Kit 2

As you can, these are common sense, basic items.  I also typed up and printed a banner to put on the container.  It’s just a way to let my boys know to keep their hands off.  It’s for emergencies only!

You can easily shop for and create the kit for well under $25.   What other items would you include your emergency winter car kit?  Did I miss something?

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  1. Dawn says

    Our family recently relocated to Alaska from Texas and have learned quickly the importance of having an emergency kit. I also keep an extra set of gloves and hats for everyone in the family.

  2. Becky says

    I carry candles in a #10 can with matches for heat in the car.You can burn the candle in the can without fear of getting burnt. I also have a #10 can to use as a potty in case we’re stuck for a long time.Plus all that you have listed.

  3. says

    That’s really a great idea for an emergency kit. most of us don’t think about that till something happens but gathering such a kit and placing it in your car is easy and doesn’t cost you time but will help you in case of emergency.

  4. Kris says

    I just found this through Pinterest and it’s a great list. I just have a quick question about storing water in your car during the winter. Do you empty some of the water out so when it freezes it doesn’t split the bottle or do those bottles expand well enough for freezing? Thanks so much.

  5. Kathie Peters says

    I have tea packets, sugar, creamer packets, instant coffee and cocoa, and broth packets and a plug in mug that warms and plenty of water. 2 – 1 gal. jugs and 8 individual bottles. Also a towel, extra gloves, socks, boots or shoes, pants, shirt and jacket and ski mask or hat and neck scarf and wet wipes to clean because what if you get all wet before you are totally stuck or HAVE to get out for an unholdable bathroom break and get wet??? You need warm,dry clothes to change into or just extra layers to help stay warm. Also a heating pad and inverter to go with the the hot hands and feet to help warm the torso from time to time. Emergency sign in BRIGHT ORANGE to post in window and a bright ORANGE ribbon to attach to the antennae to help you stand out. A couple of books would be great and a deck of cards to pass the time.

  6. Bunny says

    Don’t forget jumper cables dead battery is one of winters nasty tricks… Also keep in mind that running your vehicle can be deadly if you have run off the road, always make sure your exhaust pipes are cleared of snow and ice or the fumes can kill.

  7. Sandra says

    A shovel, a vehicle brush, pair of sturdy (and warm) boots, a few plastic trash bags and a roll or two of paper towels,
    Keep at home and bring in your purse or jacket – smartphone extra charged battery pack. There are several on the market that you charge up the battery and can use to run your smart phone longer.
    Always pay attention to weather forecasts, very seldom does bad winter weather “come out of no where;” for many things, bad weather predicted, just, stay close to home.