Your Favorite Photo on Tote!

I have an obsession for bags. Totes, handbags, whatever…it doesn’t matter ’cause I love them all! I was introduced to recently and of course, had to get a bag. You can basically put an image of your choice on the bag. They even have the option for you to create a collage out of a few photos to put on your bag. Not only is this a very cool gift idea, the site was extremely easy to use.

I’ve played around on several websites where you can upload a photo and had the darndest time figuring it out and getting my photo to fit just right! At Snaptotes, it really was a breeze. I mean, you upload your photo(s), you can crop, nudge up and down or side to side and like I said, even create a collage. Once you’re done, you get to preview and add to cart. Super easy! Wanna see mine?


Because I love my cowboys so much, I just had to put my favorite pictures of them on my handbag!!  Speaking of bags, they have a lot to choose from.  Very cute little handbags to big diaper bags like the one I chose.  What?  NO, I don’t have a baby but I do have a camera which is practically the same thing and it needs ample room for it’s lovely attachments!

If you are wanting to order a bag as a gift idea, say for Mother’s Day, then you need to act fast!  In fact, you MUST ORDER BY APRIL 30 in order to receive by Mother’s Day. And I also have a coupon code, SHAC10 for 10% off at!

I will be following up once I receive my bag and let you know of the quality of the bag and the custom photos that I had put on it.

Have you thought about a gift idea like this??  Or are you like me, selfish and thinking about getting one for yourself??

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