Your Shape Challenge Officially Begins Today

Today marks Day 1 of the Your Shape Challenge, a 3 month challenge to get fit, or in my case, lose weight.  I’ve always tried to do weight loss things by myself and usually fail so I thought this would be a great way to hold myself accountable. And to top it off, we will compete for prizes which gives even more motivation to lose weight.

I previously mentioned the Your Shape Workout but today, I tried it out just to see what I was dealing with.  I was surprised. Surprised at how my arms felt like they were going to fall out, surprised at how much sweat had started to drip after 10 minutes, and surprised that I look like that on TV.  Since the workout puts YOU in the TV next to Jenny McCarthy’s animated image, you get see yourself working out.  Not a pretty picture folks.  But it does open your eyes to what you really look like. Like you don’t know huh.

Your Shape will be my main workout, 5 days a week.  I’ll be starting out at 15 minutes a day the first week and 30 a day the second week.  I’ll be doing a little walking in-between and using Weight Watchers to help me understand food portions and keep it under control.  I’ll also be drinking lots of water but without giving up soda completely. I don’t want to deprive myself because I’ll just end up failing for sure.  One 8oz a day at the most…but will try to go without.

Now it’s time for the BEFORE photo.  This was a hard decision because although you have seen me in workout gear before in my videos, I have always worn black to hide me as much as possible. Well this time, I chose to do the opposite.  I’m always hearing, “you’re not that big Lori” and frankly, I hate it. I am a big girl. No, I’m not 300 pounds but I do have a LOT of fat, especially in the lower belly area which in my opinion is the worst spot to have it.  So I decided to take the photo using light colored clothing and tighter fitting clothing to show all, so that you can see EVERYTHING. I’m putting it out there to hopefully motivate myself and you.  I hate it because I know people I adore will see me in such a vulnerable state but you just gotta do what you gotta do.

So without further ado…….

Weight is 199


Measurements are as followed.

  • Starting Weight                   199
  • Bust Measurement               45
  • Waist Measurement             44
  • Hips                                            46
  • Midway Measurement        51
  • Thighs                                        25
  • Upper Arms                             13
  • Forearms                                  10
  • Calves                                         16
  • Neck Measurement               15

I’ll report back on the challenge after one week, and every week thereafter.  I hope you hold my hand a little and anyone else that needs their hand held.  And remember, you can post here as yourself or anonymously. I hope you read some of the reader stories and perhaps submit your own.

My fellow challengers are:

This challenge is sponsored through Collective Bias and Your Shape Ubisoft.  I was given the Wii workout and may receive additional soft incentives and/or cash as prizes through the challenge.  It in no way affects my opinions of the workout and as always, will be truthful to you.  Read my full disclosure for more info.

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  1. says

    I’m commenting with the link to my healthier blog instead. And I’m @stop4chocolate on twitter in case you don’t recognize me!

    Good for you!!! I think it’s wonderful that you’re putting it ALL out there! And I know the struggle and have to keep coming up with ways to be motivated and stay accountable. I’m doing Weight Watchers and I’ve started a new challenge on my blog to get me back on track. And I have been actually considering posting pics of me as I progress in my old fave t-shirt from when I was at my goal weight a few years ago. Of course, I’m not even sure that it will fit over my head right now, so those might be some scary pics!

    You CAN do it!! Keep on going even if you have a day or two where you fall short.

    And by the way, you do look good! No, you’re not skinny (neither am I), but I think we are harder on ourselves than others are.


  2. Elizabeth says

    Remember a pound of muscle equals a pound of fat. Don’t just think about loosing the weight think about gaining the muscle. In the end you will end up achieving both muscle and lost fat and that is what you want. :). Work it girl! P.s. I wish I had your hair-even workout hair is beautiful….what is up with that. Ohhh and rockin the blue nail polish too!

  3. says

    Great for you Lori. I know what you mean, I’m no 300lbs either but from what I’ve use to be and my height I’m a bit on the chubby side and I hate it. I think this is a great challenge to do and I will be joining in since I found I can do exercises off of my tv (perfect since we have no equipment or money for a gym membership). I can’t wait to hear about all your progress!

  4. says

    Good luck! I wish I could do something like this right now, I definitely need it, but I’m trying to get pregnant and that’s my focus at the moment. I hope you get all the support you need to get to whatever your goal is!

  5. says

    You’re a brave and inspiring woman for putting it all out there. I’m starting my own weight loss journey right now, so I understand the need for support. Do you have mini goals in place?

  6. says

    I’m going to be starting something similar tomorrow. I’ve got plans to do the “Couch to 5K” work outs. I lost 20lbs last year just cutting out the wrong foods, but the lack of exercise in the program meant that I gained back 8 of them in short order when I had some health issues and stopped watching what I was eating so closely.
    So, this year now that I’m feeling better and regaining equilibrium I’ve decided that adding exercise would be the way to get things going properly.

  7. says

    And I meant to say, congratulations on the plan. I hope you can keep going with it, I think the blog is a great way to ensure you hold yourself in check, it’s why I’ve plans to document too.

  8. says


    I don’t know you, but I am so proud and applauding this move. It (seriously) brought tears to my eyes– and maybe a little crying fit– to see that you are brave enough to say: “This is me and I want to be better, so love me as I am, but keep me accountable and support me so that I can succeed.” I struggle with my weight and food and the struggle started when I was an anorexic teenager and I have danced with all forms of “eating disorders.” I am trying to be better, but I’m still not even 100% honest with myself about my weight and my bad habits.

    I have finally realized that the key for me is going to be: ACCOUNTABILITY. I need to be honest about what I’m eating and get my butt up off the couch. I just started blogging and don’t have followers which is why I was able to confess to my laptop and put my actual weight there… I need to be accountable. First and foremost to myself– so I am trying… and seeing your blunt honesty and bold courage is very inspiring. I’m so tired of being the fat (20% fatter than you, my dear), tired, sick girl that sits at home and doesn’t really have friends. It’s pathetic and it’s not who I REALLY am.

    Hopefully 2010 will finally be the year that I find a diet/way of eating that makes sense to me and I will be able to take this weight off and keep it off for good.

    I didn’t mean to ramble on. I just wanted to say again to you how inspiring it is to me to see you put it all out there. Hopefully, I will find the courage to do the same before too much time passes….. baby steps.

    Thank you and good luck! YOU GO GIRL!

  9. says

    WOO!!! HOO!!!! GO LORI!!!!!!! I know you can do this! Just keep thinking “Birthday clothes shopping in March! Birthday clothes shopping in March!”
    FYI, your before photo looks MUCH better than mine. I don’t even want Stacie to post it, it is horrible! I admire you for posting your before photo and want to honestly tell you that you look great. I know you see yourself in a completely different way then we see you but, Lori, you are beautiful!
    I am so happy to be doing the challenge with you!!! This has got to be the best team ever!!!

  10. says

    I can’t wait to do this along side you and cheer you on!!!!! I am so excited for this. My belly is the area that is the biggest on me, I hide it well in close but I sweat (tmi) when I am in just undies I look pregnant. We are going to rock this out and you know they should fly us all somewhere at the end of it and have a photo shoot and meet up!!!! totally just thought of that LOL

  11. says

    I’m so excited we are all working on this challenge together. The team aspect makes it so much better.

    I’m about to post my before pic too. Scary stuff.

  12. says

    yay! you put it up…as promised, i will, too. i fell asleep this AM and slept for 2 hours :0/ can’t lose weight that way i tell ya! so i’m gonna change & get ready. i’ll come back and let you know when i’ve posted. wish i had the yourshape wii game, but can’t afford to buy any new games right now :0/ boo. but i do have other exercise stuff so that should be interesting to see if i can lose weight as well. i won’t lose weight as fast as y’all thanks to my thyroid disease, but i have lost some before…so i’m sure i can again :0)

    p.s. i’m dying w/o the soda today lol

  13. says

    This was a great post. You put it all out there! It is going to be a lot of fun watching you slim down with pictures each week. You go girl!!

  14. says

    good for you lori! I just go this game and haven’t tred it yet. but I will! I too am doing a fitness challenge. I am at the same weight as you and would like to loose 50 lbs.