Your Shape Workout

With the New Year, comes a New Me!  I’m excited to be part of a group of ladies using the new Your Shape Workout Game featuring the lovely Jenny McCarthy!  Have you guys seen what this does? I’m amazed at the technology today and this game blows my mind.

Your Shape is played on the Wii using a small camera to capture your body and moves.  It puts you in the game in the sense that when you move, it shows you moving on the screen.  You’ll be placed along side Jenny and that’s motivation for me! And if you’re not moving up to par, it politely tells you so.

You  put in your goals and it tailors the workouts for your needs.  It’s got music and more and seems like it’s gonna be a fun way to shed some pounds. I’ll be doing the program for about three months so expect to see some changes. I know that I can do it and can’t wait to get started!  More to come when I actually get the workout game…..


Do you have any workouts your plan to start in this New Year?

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    I still haven’t gotten this game, but I plan to buy it too, and give it a try. I don’t want just loose just weight, I want to be in a better shape and have energy to do more things. Thank you so much for starting this site, I will be here right with you – and your enthusiasm has gotten to me too, thank you!!!

  2. 3

    That sounds great!

    I am trying to focus on fitness in 2010… especially in January.

  3. 4

    I’ve been doing Your Shape for 2 days now….woke up this morning sore abs, I don’t even remember doing any ab exercises. lol

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