Jalapeño Cheese Bacon Burger for Your Next BBQ
Author: Lori
  • 2 pounds ground beef
  • 8 ounces VELVEETA® Jalapeño
  • 8 slices of bacon, cooked & crumbled
  • 1 packet of dry onion soup mix
  • ½ cup BBQ sauce
  • Hamburger buns
  1. Mix the bacon, onion soup mix, and bbq sauce in a bowl with your ground beef.
  2. Form two thinner patties, adding a slice of VELVEETA® jalapeño in-between the two patties.
  3. Grill until done! YEEHAW!
Recipe by A Cowboy's Wife at https://acowboyswife.com/jalapeno-cheese-bacon-burger-for-your-next-bbq/