Radisson’s 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms {Giveaway}

Radisson is celebrating their 50th Anniversary!!  And do you know how they are celebrating?  By giving away 50 one-night stays, every day f0r 50 days!  Yeppers, and you can win one of those free nights stay right here on A Cowboy’s Wife!  Yeehaw!!  (p.s. if you wanna enter to win an Aaron Rodgers autographed football & $50 amex gift card, go here to my other giveaway)

Some of the most beautiful & amazing Radisson Hotels are in other countries. Check out this awesome aquarium inside a Radisson Hotel.

Seriously, look at how huge it is.  See the people standing at the bottom and at the top. CRAZY!  There are also some beautiful, luxurious Radisson Hotels here in America.  I love the one in Chicago!


Okay, I know you’re ready to enter this special giveaway so I’ll get to it!


One lucky winner will receive  a free night voucher, valid for one free night, standard room, double occupancy at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of the winner’s choice. The voucher expires one year after issue date. The full terms and conditions are located on the room night voucher.

It’s a fantastic prize!!


Leave a comment here on this post telling us your best travel tip!  You may do this daily. Just make sure your tip is different each time.

BONUS ENTRY!!  Visit Radisson’s website, come back here and tell me which property you would like to stay at! You may do this only once.

While it’s not required, it would be greatly appreciated if you would ‘Like’ Radisson on Facebook.  They were generous enough to allow me to offer this giveaway afterall.


Giveaway ends on December  2, 2012.  The winner will be notified by a representative on behalf of Radisson, as well as myself.

Again, the vouchers can only be redeemed within North America and have a one year expiration date as well as other terms and conditions that may apply.  If you want more chances to win, visit their Facebook page and enter every week until December 3rd.  Good luck!

Disclosure: In return for hosting this giveaway, I have been given free nights at the Radisson. All opinions are my own, always.




  1. Elizabeth K says

    Wow! Great giveaway! My best travel tip is to pack clothes that can be easily handwashed in case you don’t have access to a washer and need to get a stain out!

  2. Joe K says

    My best travel tip is to plan ahead. I keep a list of what I need for a domestic or international vacation and I check everything off as I pack, so I don’t forget anything.

  3. Carolyn G says

    MY travel tip is to have a toiletry bag always ready. I have one with my toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. and when I travel, I never have to look for those things. I just grab my little bag and stick it into my suitcase.

  4. jon brierton says

    … plan your stay … take a 1/2 day guided tour to glimpse the highlights. Return later to those that initially piqued your interest …

  5. Nicole Larsen says

    My best travel tip is to write out a list about a week before you travel and keep checking/adding to that list so you don’t forget anything!

  6. Babs says

    If possible, when flying, use your carry-on luggage. Saves much time and you will not lose your luggage.

  7. Jonathan M says

    Always bring a blazer. It keeps you warm, and you can put together a dressed-up look in a pinch if you need to.

  8. Suril says

    Use airline apps on your smartphone to store your boarding pass, get flight information, and check your frequent flyer info!

  9. Tony Shields says

    PLANNING… All cities have some kind of Vacation info. on ” things to do and see” and most will gladly mail info. to your home address so my #1 travel tip is to always plan your trip.

  10. steve says

    when making a car rental, keep checking the current rates, right up to the time when you pick up the rental…

  11. says

    Make a list of things you’ll need for your trip at least two weeks out, that way as you think of things you’ll be able to add them to the list.

  12. Karin C says

    Make a list of all your credit cards in case you lose them. Also, a copy of passport so you can get back on airlines.

  13. Richard Raphael says

    A good travel tip when going overseas is to lay out all your clothing that you absolutely must bring and then just put half of it your suitcase. The rest stays home.

  14. Venetia says

    My travel top is open up hotel loyalty cards before your stay
    The points add up quickly and before you know it you
    Have enough for a free bighy

  15. Venetia says

    I visited Radisdon website and would like to stay at the
    Chicage property! Thanks for letting me enter

  16. says

    Great giveaway! My favorite travel tip is to use “Zip-lock” style bags to pack with – all the air is sucked out and everything stays nice and neat plus you have a lot more room!

  17. Bill says

    My travel tip is book trips in offseason to avoid crowds
    And you will save money and be able to stay at properties
    You otherwise could not afford during busy season.

  18. says

    I just visited Radisson’s FB page and liked them, plus I spent some time looking around their website and have decided that if I win I would love to stay at the Radisson on Broadway in New York City!!

  19. Jeani says

    I have visitied the Radisson Website and I would like to stay at the Blu opening at Mall of America in March 2013.

  20. Holly C. says

    travel tip is to buy a luggage scale, they are inexpensive and can save you expensive over wieight fees!

  21. Luisa says

    My travel tip is…
    Always read enough reviews and information about where you are traveling to. Very important, so you don’t get any surprises.. :)

  22. [email protected] says

    Travel tip: Always have snacks to eat at an airport. Everything is super expensive and if you get delayed you will have something to munch on

  23. says

    Bags with wheels are amazing. That backpack might seem more agile, but have you ever seen someone trek across an airport with one of those on their back? Nimble does not come to mind. Sciatica, yes. But not nimble

  24. Karen Williams says

    I always read reviews of hotels, tours and restaurants before I visit. I like to plan ahead for a great vacation.

  25. John B says

    1 Rollaboard, 1 back pack, with no checked luggage gives you many options in the event of irregular operations

  26. Rellz says

    When you travel use the same safety precautions as you would in your home country. Everywhere is not ‘paradise’ there are always criminals.

  27. Charlotte H says

    Pack light…most people overpack on trips and end up carrying around lots of clothes, shoes that they never wear!

  28. Jacob says

    Before you do any packing make a list of everything you need to pick – there’s nothing worse than trying to think of everything you need to pack as you are packing

  29. Tonya says

    Pack what you think you will need and then remove at least one outfit. When have you ever actually worn everything in the suitcase?

  30. rahul says

    My travel tip is ……
    never drink with your friends the night before flight [thinking that you are leaving tomorrow :( ] because kid you are gonna have a miserable time flying.

  31. Marcia Goss says

    I always have my laptop with me, and we check out restaurant menus online so that we aren’t surprised when we go to a new restaurant.

  32. Gena says

    Try to stay somewhere near a Walgreens or Walmart. Then you don’t have to mess with trying to get products like shaving gel and toothpaste through airport security. Just go get it at your destination

  33. Karl says

    Bring instant oatmeal packets on the plane, along with a plastic spoon. Ask for hot water and you have breakfast in your cup!

  34. Melody E says

    There are so many locations in Ontario which is great for our family as we travel often for sports and to visit our older children in university and college. It would be wonderful to have a free stay somewhere! :)

  35. Mary Wright says

  36. Mary Wright says

    Pack granola bars or your favorite nutrition bar as road food. This works on airplanes or on the road. You always have a handy snack to tide you over until you can find a real meal. Sure came in handy during our 9 hour lay over in the Atlanta airport at 2 am!

  37. says

    My best travel tip is to make sure you have everything you need for a day and a night in a carry on bag (assuming you’re traveling by plane)….especially medicines.

  38. Susan P. says

    I like to plan an itinerary and be prepared. Research is so easy now with internet websites. Allow for free time to go off the itinerary.

  39. Schmidty says

    Check travel and online sites for discount vouchers for attractions in the city to which you are traveling.

  40. debbie says

  41. Tari Lawson says

    My best travel tip is to check tripadvisor.com to get great ideas for places to go or see in the area you are traveling to. I have gotten many good suggestions and deals from that site.

  42. Gena says

    Be considerate of other people especially at the airport. Don’t put on your belt, jewelry, carry loose change, etc until you’re past security. It will speed up the process by not having to remove them in line

  43. Bill says

    My travel tip is to check hotel rates daily even after you
    Book you can cancel existing reservations and get in on a lower rate

  44. Venetia says

    My travel tip Is read hotel and destination reviews on
    Tripadvisor and view photos to give
    You am idea of the destination you are planning

  45. Tim says

    My best travel tip is to book your airline and hotel reservations at least 2 months ahead of time to get the best rates.

  46. Holly C. says

    my tip is to check your airline for any changes in fees or weight restrictions before you leave.

  47. Sunnie says

    I dont travel much, but Id say to paln aheadm make lists, take food in the car/cooler so its cheaper.

  48. Wendy says

    My best travel tip is to pack a light carry-on with a change of clothes and your toothbrush. I’ve had my luggage placed on the wrong plane and it’s no fun while you wait overnight for them to find it without a few basics.

  49. Jacob says

    Make an itinerary, even if it’s a loosely based one. There’s nothing worse than getting to a location and wasting a ton of time deciding what to do. Decide on at least most things before you get there!

  50. says

    My best travel tip is to be early.

    This is one instance where if you’re not early, you could very well be late. And that would just add stress and who needs that?!

  51. Linda Stewart says

    While packing use a piece of luggage just a little bigger than what you actually need. This provides room for packing things you buy while your away.

  52. Linda Stewart says

    I would like to stay at Radisson’s Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Buford at Mall of Georgia, GA.

  53. kfloveinme says

    When traveling..try your best to pack only a carryon. It took me sometime to learn how to roll and pack all of my clothes but it’s worth not spending that extra money for luggage.

  54. Ali W. says

    When traveling, I recommend bringing clothes that compliment each other and layer well. Then you will have more outfits with a lighter suitcase.

  55. nannypanpan says

  56. says

    Before going on road trips hit the library for new cd’s. We can check out for 3 weeks so plenty of time to get back and return.

  57. says

    Putting Portland at the top of my must visit lists. We can drive there and we have been wanting to hit Joe’s crab shack with the kids :)

  58. Venetia says

    My travel tip is to check ahead of time before booking your trip
    If there are going to be major events going
    On in your vacation destination that may impact your stay
    Such as a loud and crowded professsional volleyball completion at your quiet beach hotel;
    That may make it to noisy for what you wanted out of your vacation

  59. Bill says

    Check you airline reservations often – they may change
    Your flight times and seat assignments without notifying you.

  60. Gena says

    Make sure you have your personnel need products close at all times. There’s nothing worse than needing a feminine product and its in the overhead, or checked, or buried in the trunk. Keep some emergency things in your purse

  61. Tim says

    My best travel tip is to pack light — try not to over-pack as there is nothing worse than having to lug around heavy suitcases.

  62. Debra Block-Boland says

    When staying in a hotel for many days, bring a over the door shoe holder. Makes a great toiletry holder when you have a smaller bathroom.

  63. sy ochoa says

    I always clean my house, extremely clean, before I leave on a trip so when I return my house is in wonderful condition.

  64. Cynthia C says

    My tip is to allow plenty of time when you are flying to allow for delays due to weather, security checks etc.

  65. Holly C. says

    my tip today is to print your boading pass at home before leaving for the airport, so much quicker!

  66. says

    Prepare, prepare, prepare — for everything you need, including emergencies! Bandaids, Neosporin, aspirin, etc. don’t take up that much room — and it’s a lot cheaper than buying at your destination!

  67. Jacob says

    If possible, try to travel mid-week. You can usually get better flight prices and a lot of attractions will be less busy than on weekends!

  68. Bill says

    My travel tip is sign up with airline frequent flyer accounts – the points will add up quickly and before
    You know it all or most of your flights will be free

  69. Gena says

    Whenever you travel go check out local real estate agents, they often have free tickets to stuff as promotions. That’s how I got free tickets to Sandia Peak in Albuquerque

  70. Tim says

    One of my travel tips is to arrive at least 1 hour before your flight leaves from the airport — 2 hours before for intl’l flights.

  71. Heather S says

    Daily travel tip: Pack light, always. It makes traveling much much easier with only one bag to keep track of.

  72. Holly C. says

    my tip is to photo copy your passport and pack in suitcase. if you lose your passport this will make it easier to get a new one

  73. Deanna R. says

    travel tip: If Southwest flies where you want to go, consider them. I like the free baggage AND the no fee to change a reservation.

  74. kfloveinme says

    Check hotel rates on expedia and the other travel websites then check on the actual hotel site. Sometime you can save a lot more on the hotel site directly.

  75. Susan P. says

    Bring food and drinks in a cooler for road trips and stop at grocery stores rather than restaurants. Power bars or granola bars are good to keep going without stopping to eat.

  76. Gena says

    Before traveling be sure to check with TSA to make sure you are following the rules. They often make small changes so it’s a good idea to check

  77. Heather S says

    Purchase tickets on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, that’s usually when airline ticket prices are the lowest!

  78. Chrystal says

    My best travel tip: if you think you’ll need it, take it. I’d rather have more than I need than do without.

  79. Chrystal says

    I liked Radisson on Facebook and looked at a lot of locations, but I’d go to the one on Galveston Beach so JB and I could go deep sea fishing!!

  80. says

    Since I have a toddler and a preschooler, I need all the travel tips I can get! :) My tip for traveling with little ones (or even school-age) is to pack a “snack bag” for the trip that includes healthy snacks (fruit/fruit cups, granola bars, etc.) in a large ziploc bag (very handy in the car and in the hotel), and keep an extra pair of jammies in the car if it is going to be a “late night”. That way the little ones will be dressed and ready for bed when you finally call it a night. :)

  81. Holly C. says

    my travel tip today is check airline flight prices several times a day, they are flexible during the day.

  82. nannypanpan says

    make sure you bring a bag of toys that is easily accessible in car or plane for the kids to keep them busy

  83. Sean says

    Remember to weigh your bag before leaving home so that you don’t have to pay unnecessary fees at the airport.

  84. Deanna R. says

    travel tip: After deciding on place and time for a vacation, check around for some Groupons, living socials, or entertainment books for coupons for that area to help make your vacation money go farther.

  85. Debra Block-Boland says

    Use small baggies for each necklace. That way your chains won’t get tangled with each other.

  86. Tim says

    One of my best travel tips is to visit popular tourist destinations off-season —- you’ll save tons of money and avoid all of the crowds.

  87. Amber says

    My travel tip is to always pack snacks, especially if you’re flying. Don’t get ripped off by on-board refreshments!

  88. says

    My travel tip is to make copies of all credit cards and passports drivers licenses and other important documents like Visas. Leave one at home with someone, one in your luggage and you can also scan and email to yourself for even safer keeping. In case you lose your originals, you can use your copies to make phone calls, cancel credit cards and bring to Embassy or Consulate.

  89. Cynthia C says

    If you are flexible in your travel time, try going for “shoulder” seasons like spring and fall. The weather is still nice and prices are usually at their best.

  90. Ashley Hatten says

    My best travel tip is always have alternate plans if weather does not go as planned

  91. Cassie says

    Travel Tip 01: You are never on time for a flight, train, hotel check-in, etc. unless you are prepared to be thirty minutes early.

  92. Cassie says

    Personally, I would just like to stay at a location in New England, far enough away from home for a break!

  93. Deborah Wallin says

    I travel by car, usually, so my tip is to have the car checked out before the trip to eliminate surprises.

  94. steve weber says

    the best travel tip is don’t overpack.. and make sure you roll everything.. you get more in your suitcase that way.

    I;d love to stay at their Los Angeles, CA location.

  95. Jacob says

    One thing I have learned is to take breaks. For example, last time I went to Las Vegas I took a break in the mid-afternoon and went back to the room and took an hour nap. Seems silly but really helped me not over do it and be able to do more with my time because I wasn’t too tired

  96. kfloveinme says

    Carry wipes with you to wipe down the airplane tray, seat and seat arms. Who knows what kind of germs are on those. ;)

  97. ashli m says

    Although it’s great to have some sort of plan or itenerary while traveling i recommend that you take a day or a few hours to just simply walk around without a specific destination in mind. That is how you discvover and learn. I always encounter great things when I do that.

  98. ashli m says

    I visit Chicago alot and I would love to stay at the Radisson Blu out there. At one point there were ads for it before it opened in the train stations and when I heard it finally was open I hoped I would get a chance to stay there.

  99. Andrea C says

    Pack things in small bags inside your big bag. for example, pack the socks and other undergarments and jewelry all in a zip lock bag, one for each day.
    Rolled clothes take up less room, and tend to be less wrinkly :)

  100. Susan P. says

    I like to use the packing cubes to roll tee shirts into or use for electrical cables to go into my carry-on.

  101. Meagan Gonzaga says

    My best travel memories are from my trip to spain with my best friend. We backpacked through europe.

  102. Sarah Hirsch says

    my best travel tip is to pack light – it’s easier to carry around with you, and you’ll find you don’t need most of those extras anyway

  103. Andrea C says

    Use a budget ;) Not as fun, but much less stressful if you know you aren’t going to be paying for it still next year :)

  104. Chrystal says

    Travel tip….. Before I pack for any trip, I check a weather site to get an idea of what the weather will be so I can try to be prepared!

  105. vanessarmz says

    Check satellite maps of the area you are looking to travel to so that you
    Get a sense of the sorroundings and if if looks
    Appealing to you

  106. tess says

    best travel tip- read the reviews of the hotels and bring your own cooler and snacks-those things add up
    tcogbill at live dot com

  107. Tim says

    One of my best travel tips is when booking hotel reservations, call the hotel directly (instead of their toll free #) — you can often get better rates that way.

  108. Holly C. says

    my travel tip today is always make sure have single dollar bills for tipping airport, cabs, hotel, etc

  109. Gena says

    Remember to always pack your charger(s) – nothing stinks worse than being on vacation and having a dead camera or cellphone because you forgot to bring the charger for it. Or having to pay a lot to buy one when you get there

  110. Cynthia C says

    Don’t rely too much on travel guides. Ask the locals for recommendations and you’ll have a more authentic experience.

  111. Deborah Wallin says

    If you are flying, arrive at the airport plenty early to give yourself time to get checked in and arrive at your gate without stressing.

  112. ELIZABETH C. says

  113. Jacob says

    Take clothes you have worn before and you know fit. DO NOT take new clothes you have never tried. I could very easily turn out very bad!

  114. Deanna R. says

    Travel tip: Remembser that you credit card will usually cover the CDW costs of a car rental. Don’t pay extra.

  115. Stephanie Larison says

    Brings lots of toys for the little ones! Coloring books, crayons too. They will need lots to be entertained for a long time.Also, bring your own cooler full of cheap pop, and a bag of snacks. Rest area munchies are so expensive.

  116. Laura V. says

    Best travel tip: Relax and enjoy your trip! Don’t stress about the small stuff or work back at home :)

  117. Tim says

    My best travel tip is to pack an extra pair of shoe laces — you never know when you’ll need them!

  118. melinda w says

    Take your favorite scented air fresher- it will remind you of home but the comfort of all the amenties the Radisson has to offer!

  119. Gena says

    Before you go somewhere make sure to call your credit card company and let them know when and where you will be. This can save a lot of trouble. On one long driving trip my card was froze because it showed purchase of gas in 3 states in 2 days (which were legit). Would not be an issue if I told them ahead of time

  120. says

    If you are traveling abroad….you should check your medical insurance by calling the insurance company and asking if your policy covers you while on vacation in another country. If not, you can get supplemental insurance.

  121. Cynthia C says

    Always have moist wipes with you. You never know when they will come in handy for sanitizing something.

  122. Jacob says

    Take some comfortable tennis shoes or sneakers; especially if you plan on walking a lot. Believe me – those nice looking shoes will be agony faster than you think!

  123. Deanna R. says

    travel tip: Allow a little extra room in your suitcase, to be able to bring home some things from your travel.

  124. kfloveinme says

    Make front and back copies of all credit cards, passports, driver license when you are traveling..just in case

  125. Susan P. says

    Be nice to all the people who work in the travel industry; airline desk personnel, flight attendants, travel agents, marketing people for sweeps wins, etc. You never know when they will go out of their way for you because you were nice to them.

  126. Tim says

    My best travel tip is to NOT get the extra insurance on rental cars — your car insurance will usually cover you.

  127. Gena says

    Pack dryer sheets! They work great to remove static from your hair and clothing and make your suitcase smell awesome while taking up virtually no room in your suitcase

  128. Heather Garcia says

    With children always make sure there are games to keep them occupied and of course snacks!!

  129. says

    Collect any of the hotel size toiletries for donation to the Ronald McDonald House in your neighborhood. They are a blessing to parents and families.

  130. Susan P. says

    Research, research, research! The more you know about where you are going, the less $ you’ll spend and the less like a tourist you will be.

  131. Deborah Wallin says

    Have back up plans for each day in the event of weather, or crowds or anything unexpected that could pop up.

  132. Jacob says

    If you are traveling with 2 or more people split your clothes among all the luggage. That way if a piece of luggage gets lost somebody doesn’t lose ALL of their clothes and stuff

  133. kfloveinme says

    This maybe a weird travel tip but carry a roll of toilet paper in your carry on. One thing I hate is going to an airport bathroom and there’s no paper!

  134. Sylvie W says

    The internet is so helpful for travellers. You can stop your mail on the USPS website. Visitors bureaus offer sample itineraries for the cities so you can maximize the gotta-see-gotta-do of their locals.

  135. ky2here says

    If you exercise, save nearly worn out exercise clothes, socks etc. Toss them in your suitcase at the time when you’d throw them away. Take them on vacation, use them one more time and throw them away there. Saves room in the suitcase for your return trip. Saves burden of sweaty (and for me, nasty clothes that wait a week or more to be laundered).

  136. Mami2jcn says

    If you’re expecting a layover or long wait at the airport and you’re traveling with kids, pack coloring books and crayons.

  137. says

    Get those vaccinations!!!! if you’re traveling to another country that has been listed on government sites as having increased risk for certain serious diseases like malaria (there are pills you can take) and Hepatitis (you can go to your physician and get a series of shots).
    Also drink bottled water and brush your teeth with it, make coffee and tea with it.
    Also, take with you anti-parasite medication or herbal supplements.
    Always better to prevent disease that try to cure or treat afterwards,

  138. Paula Patton says

    Check out the hotel’s amenities before you pack. You just may not need to pack your hair dryer or other mutual items.

  139. Paula Patton says

    I would LOVE to stay in the Radisson Aruba Resort, Casino, & Spa, but I would be grateful for a night’s stay in The Smokies as well.

  140. Andrea C says

    Have a list of things you really want to do, and a list of ‘if there is time’ things. but leave plenty of free time so you come home rested!

  141. Tim says

    My best travel tip is to not drink (or don’t drink too much) alcohol on the plane — it can really mess with your system.

  142. Gena says

    If you forget something, check with the hotel before running to a store. Most housekeeping departments carry toothbrushes, combs, sewing kits, shower caps, and disposable razors that they will give you free of charge.

  143. MelissaO says

    Mine is DON’T OVERPACK…make sure the items you choose are all necessary!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  144. Cynthia C says

    While you’re packing, mentally go through the day so you don’t forget any essentials you will need.

  145. Carly says

    My travel tip is to check your hotel room for bedbugs immediately. You don’t want to get bit or bring them home.

  146. Venetia says

    My travel tip is make a packing list and save it on your phone so they you can refer to it every time you need to pack without having to rewrite the list each time

  147. Bill R says

    My travel tip is check user reviews and facebook for hotels before booking so you have an idea of the type of property you are researching before booking

  148. Jacob says

    Dress comfortable for actual travel – flying, driving and airport security are even worse when you are unconfortable

  149. Angela Cisco says

    When traveling, we pack snacks.for the hotel. It is cheaper than having to hit the vending machine.

  150. Laura V. says

    Make sure you get enough rest the night before you leave! You don’t want to start out tired.

  151. Deborah Wallin says

    To be organized, I packed my children’s complete outfits in gallon size zip lock bags. They then had to grab one bag out eat day and had a complete outfit ready to go.

  152. Michelle W says

    My best tip is to do as much research as possible before any trip, knowing about activities and places to dine ahead of time is very helpful

  153. Amber says

    My travel tip is to leave some free time in your itinerary. If you have a day packed too full you will be exhausted and not totally enjoy and appreciate each stop. Plus, it’s nice to have some free time to spontaneously explore!

  154. Gena says

    I always bring a laundry or garbage bag and put my dirty clothes in it in my room and it keeps them separate from clean clothes when return packing

  155. Deanna R. says

    travel tip: Allow enough time in your travels to unwind. After time in Prague and Vienna, we relaxed with a day in Fussen, Germany with no schedule sights to see. It helped us then to absorb more of Munich in the next couple of days.

  156. Cynthia C says

    Make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes if you are going to be doing a lot of sight seeing. Fashion will mean very little to you if your feet hurt.

  157. Tim says

    My best travel tip is to fly AirTran — you can upgrade your coach seat to business class for $50 – $75 (depending on your destination).

  158. Sean says

    If you are on a tight budget stay at hotels where breakfast is included. This can save you money each day.

  159. Robby Rob says

    my tip is to have small stuff in a carry-on sized bag that can keep the kids occupied when they’re bored. a happy 4 year old = happy parents and fellow travelers.

  160. Tiffany Hearn says

    I pack pieces that mix and match to make different outfits so I don’t over pack. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  161. Diane Baum says

    My best travel tip is to pack an emegency bag with meds, bandaids, an extra pair of glasses anti bactrial cream and pepto-bismal

  162. Jacob says

    Always pack zip-lock bags. They are ideal for packing things tighter, separating wet from dry and managing small items like batteries. I always pack a few bags in a variety of sizes before every trip.

  163. Estela S says

    When I travel, I pack all my outfits in a travel roll. Then, when I reach into a suitcase, I just pull out a roll (with top, bottom, underwear, bra and socks) without having to pull everything out and making a mess.

  164. Kate S says

    Bring an outfit of every type, just in case. Also, make sure there are COFFEE MAKERS in your hotel rooms! I stayed at a Hilton once- had to buy $9 coffee every morning!!

  165. Beth C says


  166. Dee Hadley says

    My travel tip is to get ready a day or two before you leave because I always forget things. that I remember them during the next couple of days while I’m home before my trip.

  167. Beth Palacios says

    My best travel tip is to never, ever, ever let your husband do the packing. Shockingly, I gave my husband the “benefit of the the doubt” and lets just say it did not go so well. ;) Thankfully, we are still married.

  168. Beth Palacios says

    I would greatly appreciate a night away with my husband (I will do the packing!) and a wonderful place close to home is the Raddison at Fisherman’s Warf in San Fransico.

  169. Venetia R. says

    My travel tip is schedule the first flight out in the morning to get your vacation started asap

  170. kfloveinme says

    Travel tip: Pack things in your shoes. For example, medicine bottles, travel size shampoo..just stuff them in your shoes for more space.

  171. Leah Wall says

    My best travel tip is to pack outfits in individual bags so you don’t have to rifle through your bag to find matching outfits.

  172. Candace Butler says

    Best Tip- Take time to enjoy your trip. So many people have so much they want to see and do they don’t just slow down and enjoy the company of the people they are with.

  173. Holly C. says

    my travel tip is to make sure you have a copy of your eye glass subscription in case you lose or break your glasses while traveling.

  174. Carolyn Daley says

    Travel Tip: Look at reviews before booking hotels and always try to find coupons for attractions you want to do. Often you can find coupons on the attraction’s website or on the turnpike at service plazas. Entertainment.com can save you lots of money!

  175. Carolyn Daley says

    I would want to stay at the Radisson Hotel Orlando – Lake Buena Vista or Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration property. My boyfriend & I travel to Orlando often and either of those locations near the parks would be great!

  176. bonnie says

    My best travel tip is to inspect the bed immediately after you enter a hotel room and ensure that there are no bedbugs. They are a nightmare if you take them home with you.

  177. Jennefer Sweitzer says

    It is best to double check the packing. We had each check what one another packed, that really helped. ( my husband caught not going to pack my meds on accident)

  178. kristy says

    My tip is to carry snacks you like in your pack so you have them on hand when you need a pick me up

  179. Biggles209 says

    When travelling to tropical areas, get a prescription for Cipro – just in case you get travelers diarrhea…

  180. charity perry says

    try to use the same chain every time. not only do some offer rewards but frequent guests are more likely to receive upgrades and discounts – it never hurts to ask

  181. says

    Know the Law. While in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws. So make sure you check any country government sites for information you might need.
    If you are traveling state to state in the US, each state’s laws might vary with respect to handgun carry, concealed weapons and so forth.
    Always know before you go.

  182. Gena says

    I make it a point to never check luggage. I always bring carry-on and a second allowable piece like a LARGE purse or a backpack. Never lose or even wait for your luggage

  183. Holly C. says

    my travel tip today is to always have your name and address inside the suitcase incase your luggage tag gets torn off.

  184. Erin D. says

    When traveling with kids always pack a brand new activity book (stickers/coloring/etc.) or small toy to bring out when you get held up with an unexpected wait. It keeps little ones from going stir crazy during long waits.

  185. Erin D. says

    I would love to visit the Radisson in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That part of Canada looks amazing.

  186. Laura Unger says

    When flying, always pack essential items, and a change of clothes in your carry on in case your checked luggage gets lost.

  187. Jacob says

    I like to put something very recognizable on my luggage. I have some unusual bright tags and my wife has a multicolored ribbon bow she puts on hers. Then if you have to check luggage or they put it underneath on a small plane you instantly see which one is yours

  188. Sheree Algie says

    Make sure to make reservations in advance, many times they are already booked up, if you don’t.

  189. Betty C says

    Take a pillowcase or an empty plastic bag so you can stash your dirty laundry. No one likes to mix clean and dirty clothes together.

  190. Betty C says

    I’d like to visit the Radisson Hotel Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia. I love visiting Washington, D.C. and it’s been far too long since my last trip.

  191. Amber says

    My travel tip is to involve every member of the family when planning a vacation. If everyone gets to pick out a couple of things they would really love to do, you get a much happier trip overall!

  192. says

    My travel tip is DO NOT WAIT TILL THE NIGHT BEFORE to pack! For some reason, this was the way it was always done in my family growing up, and it would always cause so much stress! These days, I write a packing list about 3 days in advance and make sure I’m caught up on laundry and errands in those three days leading up to it (more than 3 days it just waaayyyy too go-getter for me).

    Hope I win! This is an awesome opportunity!

  193. Cynthia C says

    Invest in a strap style luggage scale so you can redistribute among suitcases to avoid overage charges.

  194. Deanna R. says

    travel tip: If traveling with children, make sure you have some quiet activities and snacks for them.

  195. Christian Alejandro N. says

    Pack in a very organized manner. A little time and effort early helps later on!

  196. Sherri G. says

    Make a list about 30 days ahead of travel of all the things you need to do and pack. Update the list as things occur to you. Mark them off as completed. Review list the day of the trip before leaving home. Make a second list of things not to forget in the hotel room (chargers for electronics and bathroom items are the most frequently forgotten!) and review it before check out.

  197. Jennifer Peaslee says

    It’s kind of lame, but my best travel tip is to start making your list early. A few days ahead, or even a week. Then you’ll remember stuff and add it to your list…rather than being on the road/in the sky and realizing you left something behind! jenniferpeaslee at gamil dot com

  198. Susan P. says

    Make sure your carry-on fits in the airline recommended size specifications (each airline is different so check the website). They have contraptions that you have to put your bag into at the gates and if it doesn’t fit, it gets checked. Slows everything down in the checking in part of flying.

  199. Jenny H says

    My best travel trip is to give yourself time to unwind from life before leaving on vacation… take an extra day or two off from work and leave a little early from your original travel plans. This always helps us relax and enjoy vacation more!!

  200. Jenny H says

    I would love to goto Grand Bahama Island, Radisson Grand Lucayan resort in Freeport Bahamas!

  201. Cassandra McCann says

    i always have water, plastic bags, toilet paper handy when I travel which is not very often in this economy

  202. Erica C. says

    My best tip is to save a little money each month to set aside for vacation. It’ll feel like less of a shock to your budget this way.

  203. Melissa Crawford says

    Best tip: If you happen to be traveling alone search for groups that specialize in singles travel. This way you can save a few dollars by sharing a room and make new friends to travel with in the future.

  204. Lindsay says

    I always pack a collapsible bag in my suitcase to carry back the souvenirs I bought while traveling!

  205. Veronica Garrett says

    My best travel kit is to pack a light carry on bag with basic essentials in case your luggage ets lost.

  206. Huey Bryan says

    Make legal copies of your DVDs that you have for your little ones. Copys are cheap and easy to make and you do not scratch or smudge your originals. Throw them in a case and you have can change them as your little one’s mood changes while on a long trip.

  207. sarah says

    Whenever possible, wash your clothes before you return home. Makes getting back into your routine a little easier.

  208. Melissa Crawford says

    When traveling alone seek out travel comapnies that focus on singles travel/vacation. This way you can save some loot by sharing a room and meet people to travel with in the future/

  209. kfloveinme says

    Travel tip..Don’t pack at the last minute. You may overpack or forget to pack certain things.

  210. Jean K says

    My tip is to roll shirts instead of folding them in your suitcase– that way they don’t get wrinkled when you travel!

  211. Lina says

    Bring your own set of cutlery–sometimes you don’t want to use the ones provided by a restaurant or they don’t have any.