4 Hour Paintover Using Glidden’s Candy Apple Red

Me and my good friend are opening a local business together and one of the rooms was in desperate need of a paintover, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out Glidden paint!

Now I should say that I hate painting but through this process, found that having the right equipment and paint, it was much easier than I anticipated.  I started off by deciding on a color and since our gameroom is red, white and black, we went with Candy Apple Red.  There was a huge selection of colors, which made it very difficult to choose.  We started to think about what color we could paint rooms in our own homes!!!!  I’m sure our husbands would be thrilled with that idea, reckon?!  LOL

We talked to the paint guy and he explained the differences of paint.  He asked us if was interior or exterior, etc.  He was super nice and seemed very knowledgeable!  He checked his book to mix the paint accordingly, shook it up, and it was ready!  He put a dab on the top of the paint can and blow dried it so that we could see the final color and indeed matched exactly!

I was sent a box of goodies to help me paint and immediately got to it.  I opened the paint, grabbed a roller, and painted my little heart for the next 4 hours.

The first thing I noticed was that when I painted the walls, it looked pink.  Then I remembered that Glidden’s paint does that. It goes on one color and dries was it’s supposed to be. This helps you see where you’ve painted and what parts are dry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

It took all of 4 hours to complete the project since it was only the upper half of the wall (the bottom is wood) so one gallon of paint was MORE than enough.  Here are the before photos.  Keep in mind…when I said paintover, it’s because we literally were gonna paint over the old paint.  The room will remain dark anyhow so we were okay with that decision.

And after.  I’m sorry for the crappy photos but I didn’t have my good camera at the time so my point-n-shoot and iphone had to do the best they could.

Overall, I’m completely happy with the turnout.  It was $28 for this gallon of paint and keep in mind, it’s a 2-1, meaning it’s both primer and paint.  I think one coat did an awesome job.  My favorite things about the paint was low odor and no splatter!!!  I expected it to smell like paint for a long time but to be quite honest, I never even really smelled the paint.  I walked outside for a bit, came back in and never even noticed.  There was also no splatter.  You know how when you use a roller and it your face and arms are covered with tiny speckles?  Well not with this paint.  I absolutely loved it. LOVE IT!

If you could paint any room, what room and what color?  We’ve used really cheap paint in the past and I have to say, it’s totally worth spending an extra few bucks on quality paint like Glidden.  It makes a world of difference!

Disclosure: Compensation & supplies were supplied for my efforts to create this post. All opinions are my own. I LOVE this paint!  Bathroom is next!


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  1. Sunnie says

    You guys did a good job! I havent really painted much besides white, we are in the middle of buying a house so Ill get more experience with colors. And Good luck on the business!

  2. says

    I would like to paint the paneling in my dining area. Since this paint has the primer in it, it should work! Thanks for the testimonial!!

  3. Ranch Wife says

    Well done! How exciting for y’all! What type of business are you opening…or is it a’ yet to be revealed’ secret? Reminds me that I need to paint too. However, I need to first tear down paneling and then texture (if I don’t have to re-sheetrock first). Wish I could just paint!

  4. says

    I love how this turned out! I would LOVE to paint my kitchen a light (but sunny) yellow. I love yellow kitchens, it makes it so much cheerier and bright, I think. However, there’s wallpaper in there now, and I don’t think my husband wants to tackle it. LOL. Good luck on the business!

  5. says

    I used to love to paint and for some reason got out of the routine. It’s the quickest way to freshen a room and less expensive than furniture. I finally figured out the color I’ll be painting the front rooms and will be doing that this week. I’m excited to get some before and after shots going as it’s boring white walls right now.

  6. says

    Oh my downstairs needs re-painted. When we moved here 8 years ago it was all new paint but whoever painted before we bought it did not anticipate kids and so it’s flat cheap paint, which as you know, with wiping to clean up scuff marks and finger prints, the paint comes off on the rag along with the dirt. I can’t wait to redo it all! I’m not sure what color though since my downstairs (living room, stairway and dining room) are all open. Probably a neutral tone like an egg shell because I’d love to do the dining room in a country blue and yellow. :)

  7. says

    Lookin’ good! We once had a red living room. Greg wouldn’t let me hear the last of it since he had to paint it back white before we moved, lol. I just painted one of our bathrooms grey, I love paint too!

  8. says

    We just painted part of my daughter’s room with Glidden paint – she wanted an “accent” wall of Very Berry (think really dark hot pink) and then black sheer curtains with velvet polkadots. I think I am going to have to do a post about it, but the Glidden did well – especially since the top half of the wall started out white and the bottom half was grass green.

    Our bedroom is next and I feel a deep red paint in my future…