Kentucky Biscuits

I love bread so when I get a hold of a bread recipe, I lock it up tight.  These are really good and are one of my favorite type of biscuits.  Note that I said biscuits, not rolls.  There is a difference!  I used to make these for the cowboys all the time and got pretty good “reviews” from them:)  With that said, here we go……..

SUPER EASY, HUH?!  OH, so good:)

The first picture is of the ingredients but they are a bit blurry since I was trying to show off my neon bronc rider light!!  Sorry ’bout that;)





VERY easy to make and it’s really good.  I hope you all enjoy!  If you want it as a sweeter treat, just add more sugar and eat it with honey! OH YEAH!

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    farmnwife says

    I heard you mention before about making tortillas. Have you given this recipe? I would like to give it a whirl.

    farmnwife’s last blog post..Black Hawk Colleg Livestock Judging Invitational

  2. 2

    Lori says

    Hey there! I sure have and it’s one of my most popular posts:)

  3. 3

    Miss1Way says

    OMG…I love bread and this recipe looks so simple and the bread looks even better! Do you happen to have any fruit preserve or jam recipes. I have never made any, but I know homemade are the best, and I would love to know how to make some!

    By the way, I love love love your blog. The pictures are great, and they really want to make me cook and try everything you have posted. Please keep up the great work on your site!!!

  4. 4

    Chrystal says

    Hey that sounds great and I can’t wait to try it! But I want that light in the background of all the ingredients! I love it!

  5. 5

    Karin says

    I’ll be making these! LOL! Had to laugh though at your comment about “These are biscuits, not rolls”! Was that for me?! LOL! I know the recipe I posted are rolls although they are called biscuits on the original recipe. They came from East Texas ~ maybe rolls and biscuits are interchangable there although WE know they are not! When I made them I thought, “These are rolls, not biscuits”. I just forgot to change it ~ I’ll go do that… (grin!)

  6. 7

    JMom says

    your biscuits look so much better than the ones I made this weekend. I called them hockey pucks lol! I’ll try your recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    JMom’s last blog post..Chard in Coconut Milk (Laing)

  7. 8

    Patti says

    These sound delish!! I’m definitely going to try them.

    BTW .. I love your canisters! Where did you get them? :)

    Patti’s last blog post..Fridays Feast 182

  8. 9

    Ron Merlin says

    Yes, the Kentucky Biscuit recipe has a photo on it.

  9. 10

    Patrice Pruitte says

    I would love to try these Kentucky Biscuits. They looks easy, and delicious. There are four pictures, showing the ingredients and different stages of preparation.

  10. 11

    I would like to try Kentucky Biscuits. I have been looking for a biscuit recipe. The photo looks delicious too.

  11. 12

    Ted M Routt says

    Kentucky Biscuits – Stupendous!! Yes, there are pictures. Thanks.

  12. 13

    Lisa says


  13. 14

    marie says

    is the butter cut into the flour?

  14. 17

    trish says

    FYI-if anyone is reading…I cut in my ‘near frozen butter’ with my cutter-inner tool ;), then added very cold butter milk and mixed it up until it was holding together. There are no instructions to need it at all so I just mashed it into my un-greased pie plate. Sure didn’t look anything like the pic above. Baked for 18 mins at 425 (read somewhere else that light/fluffy biscuits need really high heat) and took it out just as it got golden. They are edible, and would love some more instruction to make them look like the pics up there. Mine were bumpy looking because of the butter bits but I have eaten a lot of unattractive food in my life so it did not bother me. :) They didn’t poof up either…much. All in all we will eat these instead of just chucking the pucks I usually end up with out to the birds!

  15. 18

    MJ says

    I’m kind of with Trish- if a new baker tried this they may not get the yummy biscuits pictured. Should the butter be cut in a bit first?

  16. 19

    Hey everyone! Yes, you cut the butter in. No melting. Sorry about that!!!

  17. 20

    Kathleen says

    Your biscuits have a glaze on the top, did you had honey to the top after you baked them?

  18. 21

    Tonya says

    I ran out of regular sugar so I used powdered and it took it over the top yummy!!!

  19. 22

    Leslie says

    These look and sound really good! I have a couple of questions, though.
    1. What kind of flour do you use? Self-Rising, All Purpose, …???
    2. Why do you cut the biscuits into pie type servings instead of round biscuits?

    • 23

      Cathy says

      Leslie, When you have a recipe that calls for baking powder and salt you use an All Purpose flour. Self rising already contains those two ingredients. Also, I would venture to say Tonya using a pie plate to save on time. I am sure you could cut the dough if you prefer.

  20. 24

    thatgirl says

    I just made this bread. It is to die for! It melts in your mouth good. I’m not a very patient baker so this recipe is just for me. Easy, no rising. Just mix, knead, bake. This recipe just made it into my generational cookbook, the book I will be passing to my daughter that was passed to me from my mother from her mother. Thanks for making the next generations happy!

  21. 25

    Irene says

    A 6×6 round pan? Little small isn’t it?

  22. 29

    Patti Taylor says

    I don’t have buttermilk or vinegar for biscuits. Could you use just 2% milk?

  23. 30

    Yvonne M. says

    My husband is from Kentucky and I am from California. He says biscuits need to be like his grandma made them. Really crisp on the bottom. What is the texture of these on the outside? Any crispiness?

  24. 31

    Rachel says

    Do you know if I should make any adjustments at a higher altitude? I’m at about 5,300 ft. Thanks!

    • 32

      I don’t know for sure but these are rules I have always followed based on places we’ve lived.
      One teaspoon of baking powder at 5,000 feet produces 20 percent more volume than at sea level. Bread also rises faster and must be watched.
      The three basic adjustments for high-altitude baking are: reduce baking powder (for each teaspoon decrease 1/8-¼ teaspoon at 6,000 feet, ¼ teaspoon for 7,000 feet or higher); reduce sugar (for each cup decrease up to 2 tablespoons at 6,000 feet, 1 to 3 tablespoons for 7,000 feet or higher); and to increase liquid (for each cup add 2 to 4 tablespoons at 6,000 feet, 3 to 4 tablespoons for 7,000 feet or higher).

      Hope that helps some! You’ll probably just have to play with it.

  25. 33

    Gwendolyn Chapman says

    Okay, I’m no stranger to biscuits. I even won blue ribbons for mine at a local fair when in high school. Anyway, I tried this recipe this morning, and after 25 minutes they still weren’t brown. They finally got brown, but they did stick to the bottom of my pie plate. I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong.

  26. 34

    Kelly M. says

    My 8yo made these following the recipe as it is written (with supervision, of course) and the result was light, crumbly, yummy biscuits. Our butter was freshly made (we had heavy cream but not enough butter, and no buttermilk) by the other two kids and my husband. We used the buttermilk from that. =)

  27. 36

    Joyce says

    Could I use self rising flour instead?
    Those biscuits look AWSOME!!!!’

    • 37

      Hi Joyce. To be honest, I have no clue because I’ve never tried it. I assume you’d have make adjustments with how much flour and omitting a couple of other ingredients.

  28. 38

    Miriam says

    I don’t want to sound picky but, I just saw this recipe on Facebook along with the copyright. I have the same exact recipe in my file box and have had it since 1980. The lady I got it from is my sister-in-law and she got it from her Granny Mary, who just so happens to be from Kentucky. The ONLY difference is that you “score” yours in a pan and we make individual biscuits. Where did you get this recipe? And why the copyright? Or is the copyright on your name?
    BTW people…damn good recipe! I’ve been making this one for years!

    • 39

      Hi Miriam. The copyright is mainly for any photos I take. If I get a recipe somewhere, I’ll give credit but this one has been one that was passed down to me and I don’t even know from which family member. Bloggers need copyrights, disclosures, etc for several legal reasons.

  29. 40

    newbaker says

    can anyone let me know how much is a dash of salt .. I’m scared I’ll putt too little or too much

  30. 41

    Diane says

    Gosh darn, these look and sound so good. I’ve been making biscuits since I was just a youngin’ and they were a lot more fussy than these. I’m going to give this a try and make things easier on myself. Thanks a whole big bunch for sharin’.

  31. 42

    Heather says

    Made these tonight, and they were good! I had already patted them into the pie plate (I used standard size, glass), when I realized I forgot the sugar! As soon as they came out of the oven, I drizzled them with honey – so no harm done. ;-)
    Thanks for such an easy recipe!

  32. 43

    Heather W. says

    WOW! These were to die for! I love a good biscuit, and frankly most of the recipes I try are too cumbersome to mess with. And canned biscuits…gross. I made these this afternoon to go with my Creamed Chicken (& Biscuits). They were assembled and in the oven in 12 min. I baked for 21 minutes and they were just lightly golden. I used the Vinegar/Milk combo instead of buttermilk. I grated the cold butter (not margarine) into the flour then squished it all together with my hands (a bit sticky, but it came together well enough). I used a round class Pyrex pie plate. I thought these were perfect. The fact that they don’t have to rise, or be rolled out and cut (cause that’s messy and time consuming) is optimal. The outside was just a bit crusty and the inside was super flaky and buttery. They looked just like your picture (minus the glaze). They were excellent with the creamed chicken. I also ate one with butter and honey and about passed out with delight. So then, of course, I ate one with strawberry jam… sigh. Yes, I ate three in one sitting. Don’t judge me!! I could’ve probably eaten the whole pan. I found you on Pinterest. I’ve printed it and it is going in my personal collection. I will most certainly be making these the next time I want biscuits. Guess I don’t ever have to buy Bisquick again! LOL! Also, I thought these taste a lot like the biscuits at KFC, and almost reminded me of my basic scone recipe (though lighter and flakier). BTW I did the nutrition info work up on these and this is what I have (feel free to use it, I used FitPal) 1 biscuit (1/6 of a pie pan) is 310 calories – 8g Carbs – 16g Fat – 2g Protein

    • 44

      I greatly appreciate the kind words Heather! These are some of my most favorite biscuits ever and I agree, they DO remind me of KFC! lol Thank you for sharing the nutrition info!!!

  33. 45

    Sherry says

    I made your Kentucky Biscuits last night and they were SO good! Thanks for a great recipe. I made mine in a cast iron skillet. Easy to make, really tender, and a taste so good!!

  34. 46

    Mr Fitz says

    I love that Neon light!!! and the bisquits look kinda cool also !! yet the light is cool

  35. 47

    elisha says

    I have made these and my husband says they are the best bisquits he has ever had. The Only thing is I can never get them as smooth as yours but still taste delish. Thanks for sharing

  36. 48

    Bea Long says

    OMG, I love making bread and make a lot of yeast breads. I am totally addicted but I love it so much.