Lightning McQueen’s ‘Bolt’ Using Glidden Paint in Disney Colors

Truett’s room is so blah.  I really think that’s a big reason he doesn’t spend much time in here. It’s drab and boring and I wouldn’t want to be in there either.  It needed some umph!


If you haven’t seen the awesome Disney paints that Glidden has, you need to check them out.  Truett picked out the colors and we went with the following:

  • Taillight (Red)
  • Caution Yellow
  • Sleepover Scare (blue)
  • Glimmering Silver

Truett loves cowboy life, cars, and football.  He could not decide what he wanted but he knew he wanted something with Lightning McQueen.  There were several idea books and I went with the lightning bolt since it looked easy enough!


First, I needed to tape off edges that I didn’t want painted.  Thank goodness for Frog tape!  I had two difference sizes to use which was awesome because I needed each for different reasons.  It works great and doesn’t take off the paint once you pull it off.


After taping off areas to exclude, I shook up the can, opened up the red, and went to work.  I have to praise this super cool spout for the paint can!  That was super handy to have and easy to clean up.  Because our walls are funky, I went over with a light coat on the first round and topped with one more coat.  I let it dry completely overnight and started the lightning bolt the next day.



I taped off a template to work with.  I used a smaller roller brush and the metallic paint.  I did two coats of this as well, letting dry before applying the numbers.  We just free-handed the numbers and we used number 13 since both of his older brothers had that number in football.


Pretty cool huh!! To the right side of the window, I went with some pinstripes in the same metallic silver. Ignore the dirt on the window. Truett kept opening it up and the wind was blowing that love Texas dust into the house. Not very ideal when painting!


On the complete opposite side of the room, I did red on top since his chalkboard takes up the bottom half of the wall.  I’ll probably put something like his name on that side.  My husband thought he’d add his artistic touch to the room with his version of Lightning McQueen.  He’s a kid at heart under than manly man.

So here’s the before —


And the after, tada! —


I’m not done yet though. I have touch-ups to do and finish the other walls (and to make it mesh) but I was so excited that I had to share. Truett thinks it’s SUPER AWESOME!

Why do you want to make the Glidden Disney Paints (found at Walmart) your next purchase?

  • Low-VOC –  The fumes are minimal.  I hardly noticed any smell from painting.
  • Colors are amazing, vibrant, and very Disney! Don’t be scared of color!
  • Very durable paint! It would have to be if it’s geared towards kids.  Don’t let ‘Disney’ colors shy you away from an office makeover or something!

If you could pick out paints for you or your child’s room, what would they be and what theme would it be?

Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.



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  1. Sunnie says

    Good job! I cant wait to paint my girls’ rooms, you did a real job. We are homeschooling next year and I plan on doing a big chalkboard wall for it.