Little Man’s New Friend

I love that my boy ain't skeered of small crawly bugs! He just grabbed up this little caterpillar and let it crawl all over him. I didn't even want it on me and he tried to put it on me. I just pretended I need to go pee. It was quite a show though really. I was intrigued at how long he played with the little fuzzy friend. Had I had one of ... Continue Reading

West Texas Sunset with Turbines

West Texas Sunsets

...........again. We sit outside every evening so we get to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.  Here are 3 different sunsets for you to enjoy too:) And for those of you who always ask me this question.....No, I didn't anything.  I only cropped. ... Continue Reading


Home of the Rattlesnake Who Brought Rain

Yep, it's still hot which means rattlesnakes are still around.  Luckily we haven't had that many but here's one that could have easily bitten one of us.  It was right at the gate where we ALL go back and forth to the barn and shop. My father-in-law was walking that way to check on his chickens when, all of the sudden, he was running back my way ... Continue Reading


Weekly Photo Pickins’

I think all these photos represent Summer fun!  You've got steak from barbecuing, the beautiful scenery and sunset, and a cutie patootie swimmer.  What else could you ask for?  BUT, since I can only enter ONE photo into the 5M4M contest, I'm entering the third picture of my little man swimming:) Could this be part of Monday's recipe? Anna's ... Continue Reading


Elk in the Rolling Plains?

We're driving down some dirt roads here by where we live, back roads that have been travelled by me and my man many times;)  Anyways, there's one of those wildlife thingamajigs over there and we took the little man to see the elk.  It's funny really, all those times where we used to live, I never got to see an elk up close.  Oh my husband did many ... Continue Reading


Rays of Hope

Last night, we had another storm but right before it, there was this cloud with the sun peeking through and I thought it was a pretty site.  While looking at it, I was thinking of our situation and instantly felt inspirational and uplifted with hope.  Hope that things are okay and will only get better.  Now I'm not religious at all but I felt ... Continue Reading


Nature In West Texas

Sometimes it's refreshing to just go outside and enjoy nature.  Of course here in West Texas, there ain't a whole lot to look at, not like in a place like Branson Missouri but you make do and move on.   Finally, after months and months of no rain, we got a small shower.  Not much, but enough to settle the dirt.  I'm tired so I'm just gonna post ... Continue Reading