Kid’s Creations and Their Quality Swing Sets

Have you seen these swing sets?  These beautiful wooden swing sets that when you look at them, you go wow?  Clearly it’s more than a swing set, it’s a whole playground!


I have a terrible memory but I truly don’t recall ever having a swing set or even a little swing for that matter, I could be wrong though and I’m sure my mom will call to set me straight if that’s the case.  What I do remember is having “how many huge ice cubes can you swallow” contest with my brother and playing in a laundry basket.  What?  It was fun stuff, then….and the ice, well….we were dorks obviously.  One of the cool things we did do, was climb this old tree and pretend it was our club house.  We made do with what we had and it worked.  Can you imagine how cool our clubhouse would have been with one of these swing sets?? GAH!

Now imagine being an only child.  No, little man isn’t an only child but he is 10yrs younger than his older brother which means he doesn’t have anyone to play with.  I mean come on, they’re teenagers and the last thing they want to do is play toddler games.

We have a nice home now on a ranch that we plan to be at for a long time.  It would be nice to have this in our backyard for our little man so that he’s not roaming about where the rattlesnakes are.  It will be even cooler to have all the family over and see all the nieces and nephews playing together with little man!  What a way to bring everyone together huh:)

So if you’re wondering why the heck I’m writing this, it’s because I’m entering myself into Dad’s Blogs giveaway.  I rarely do this and 100% don’t think I’ll win but why not try right?  It only took 10 minutes to write and could potentially make my little man very happy for a very long time!

Good luck to anyone who enters.  I hope that someone deserving wins because it’s an awesome prize!

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  1. Tom M. says

    Built a big swing set for my kids when they were little. Nothing as nice as the one you have pictured here but man, they wore that thing out. And, the best thing about it was that I didn’t have to pack them up and take them to the park all the time.